Lewis Mills - Onyx Operative

Lewis Mills works for a private security firm where he is tasked with providing analysis of and managing various jobs for the company. He has a very strong fear of failure, something that drives him to go as far as he has to in order to get a job done. A highly intelligent man with a strong attention to detail makes him ideal for such tasks. He can be very charming when he needs to but prefers a more blunt and less nuanced approached, though he is fully capable of being as deceptive as he needs to. He has a tendency to be obsessive and harbors a strong self loathing which often drives him to succeed.


From a small rural town in West Virginia Lewis graduated from WVU with a degree in political science.
Formerly a CIA counterterrorism analyst during the Clinton presidency, he blames himself (and the agency) for a failure to alert the incoming administration of the potential for an attack on US soil as happened on September 11th. He remembers having connected the dots to the potential attack and blames a climate of political backstabbing for his failure (and that of the agency) to alert the Bush Administration to the danger. On a personal level he feels duped by his former superiors.

Within the CIA he is noted for being too alarmist for threats after 9/11 and even raised red flags over a series of photographs and accounts spanning some 50 years, stating that two people were seen in impossible positions. These photos became an obsession for him toward the end of his career with the agency. Having left the CIA in 2004 he is noted as having said he “lost the faith” in what they were doing as well as their ability to actually do their job protecting the country.

He was approached by a private security firm not long after leaving the CIA. After being hired his superiors explained to him that he was correct, having known about his obsession with two figures seen in impossible time periods and not having aged. They explained to him that this was the result of time travel and that a future organization known as Solas Tempus was responsible. Not only that but his new superiors explained to him that 9/11 and other attacks were permitted by the group and they are truly responsible for the lack of communication to the new administration when Bush took office.

Since then Lewis is a true believer in his mission. He will fight Solas Tempus and their terrorist ends.