Leveling out Power Discrepancies

So I’ve been thinking about the problem of characters and such in the settings being too powerful. The problem of the “insta-win” has been brought up on multiple occasions. To that end, I have been trying to figure out what we can do about these issues. The best I can come up with is to add a power ranking system, which will also work well for skills and special abilities all around. In D&D this is left to a numeric system, which has is bonuses and it’s drawbacks. I don’t like to limit the abilities of players though, even in the extreme levels of abilities.

To that end, I am going to go with a letter system, that has been used on the wiki before, I put serious thought into a simple Star or Dot ranking similar to what World of Darkness uses, but that ends up being just like a numeric level system to begin with. Now, as far as I understand the letter system we currently have runs backwards so that A is the most powerful and F is the least powerful. Now, too that end, I’m proposing to merge this with something from TV Tropes that goes over power levels by how much they can effect.

I will be codifying this more in the days to come, here is the page that I will be using for this. The ranking system will be tweaked over time to turn it into something we can use. The idea of the system is not to limit play, but to make it so that storytellers can have a reasonable expectation of the powers brought into the story. This should, I hope, help to smooth out the difficulties in power levels so that plots do not have to worry about “insta-win”.