Legion of Demons Plot - Act 1

So any @Players-EoS know that yesterday we started a new plot in Embers of Soteria. In this plot, some demonic ghosts show up out of rifts in the middle of the Erast Forest and proceed to attack people there. After a while they just up and leave, even though they could have attacked further or gone for the nearby town of Whiteridge.

The new plot will be a small part of the larger over-arching plot about the veil between worlds breaking down which will begin to wear away at the Peace of Ages.

Writing Plot for Act 1

So this entire plot has to do with magic, demons, and the undead. I am going to be defining some more for our planes of reality soon as well which I would like any input for that anyone may wish to provide.

For the plot at hand, we’re going to be dealing with a major caster that I have yet to create the sheet for. They are going to be – probably – some mix between demonology expert and necromancer. I haven’t got everything flushed out but I have a few ideas.

Since the above mentioned Nicole (@thatotakugalaxy) is a bounty hunter for the shadow realms to collect on bad debts, I’d like to make something part of the story that to get his power he made promises, promises that he has failed to keep. However, he is using his magic to hide from those who would harm him. Since no one knows who he is yet, I’d like Act 1 to focus on finding out what’s going on. To do that I’m going to take a personal hand in trying to get some RP stuff finished and allow various players to clue into parts of the main plot. Since I’m still writing it I would also like any support or ideas that anyone might have.

Planes of Reality

So, the planes of reality are of course incomplete, I still have to do major edits to the Severed Realm and create a page for the Shadow Realm from which the character Nicole comes.

In addition, I am going to add a few things, for one I need to add a Positive Energy Plane and a Negative Energy Plane, if those sounds very Dungeons and Dragons it is because they are. Both planes come directly from D&D 2nd Edition, the energy planes are divine planes of pure energy and while I need to define them a bit more, I’m going to have these new creatures come from the Negative Energy Plane which will end up being anti-life or rather the absence of energy and life.

If that sounds similar to a Shadow Realm, it is because it is in concept and that’s why I have to do some writing.

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