Lance vs. The Empire

I’ve talked before about Lance having shown up in the Empire, but I haven’t really specified much more than that. This is the story.

It was due to be one the final flights of the USS Rising Sun, their original vessel from the Federation, the old bucket was old and getting older, the engineers had done a lot with her space frame to keep her updated and flying but eventually it was just going to be too costly in resources and energy to repair her. She was a good ship though and have served them all well.

So the Rising Sun was moved into testing position, this would be the first full power test, all the other tests had gone well and the drones and probes had all performed as expected. Lance signaled that they were ready to begin, the air on the bridge was tense, so tense that it was tangible, like the air was heavy with it. Control signaled to standby for countdown start, Lance realized he was still standing and sat down to settle into the command chair. The crew was always a bit calmer if he was sitting down and looking relaxed.

Sitting there, finally the signal came. In reality it was only 10 minutes or so but it felt like far, far longer. He was nervous, but then, he should be. The prototype, if it worked, would mean one could travel almost limitless distances without warp drive, nearly jump from one location to another. It would revolutionize space travel, especially for large vessels.

The countdown began and Lance listened and prepared himself. When count hit zero, there was a surge and a flash of light.