Lampshades on Fire

“oh right I said you will help sorry”

It’s okay…my dear div

She hugs him “well think of anything?”

Not exactly…sorry…

“mmh so maybe for now I can teach you to dance?”

I would like that my dear div…

“alright then after I am done with you, you will dance beautifully”

I’m sure I will my love

He says as he kisses her

She smiles and kisses him back

Maybe after we can…have some more fun…

“of course we can my love!”

Oh wonderful my love…
He says as he wraps his arms around her and looks him in the eyes with his blue eyes

She looks back with her red eyes beaming with happiness

I love you so much…

"I love you too Apollyon "

I would gladly turn my back on the imperium for you…

He says picking her up gently

She blushes a little bit. “but my love would that not pain you?”

No…it would not…maybe in the past it would…but you are greater than anything in my life…you are my div…the love of my life

“oh my, then I am happy you are as important to me as I am to you”

He smiles at her

Why wouldn’t you be important my love…