Lampshades on Fire

Hise was in her room listening to the new music that was created in this universe. She enjoyed almost all types of music and right now she was dancing to the music happily.

Apollyon was staying with hise for a while and was sitting down quietly watching her dance

She smiled at apollyon and I voted him to dance with her. She was beaming with happiness and wanted to share it with him.

Apollyon couldn’t help but stand and allow her to teach him to dance with her. She was just too happy for him to say no

She is extremely patient with him and the moves she teaches him are easy to learn.

He was still a bit clumsy when it came to things like this, so it took a bit for him to get used to the moves

She smiles as he starts to get the moves. She also offers him words of encouragement. “my dear Apollyon you are getting the hang of this”

Thank you my dear div…this is rather fun you know…

He said as he attempted to smile

“I know it is, it’s even more fun with you” she hugs him tightly

he hugs her back and looks into her eyes. His eyes were no longer dead around her but instead filled with happiness and love

“you are the best thing that has ever happened to me Apollyon”

And you are the best thing that has happened to me div…

“Do you have anything you do to pass the time?”

Besides sharpen my weapons…no

“Oh, why is that if you don’t mind me asking?”

Well my weapons need to stay perfect and as for not doing anything…I just don’t have much to do…

“maybe we can find something to do together”

I would like that my dear div…

“alright lemme think of something then”

Oh alright…I shall let you think