Ladybird, ladybird fly away home

Lance was furious when he found out that Drem had gone down to the surface. He had no idea why she’d don it, there wasn’t any surveillance footage of her going, she’d used her access codes to suspend the system. He’d walked over the path she took to the transporter, interviewed everyone relevant to the investigation. None of that told him the one thing he needed to know, where she was. They’d spoke often about how pretty it was in places of the world in this era, places they’d like to see. She hadn’t turned up at any of them.

He wanted desperately to go after her, but this was a crisis time. If she was missing due to her own acts or the acts of someone else, it didn’t matter. This was a crisis and his distraction would only serve their enemies.

So he sent his most trusted Operatives… Asher and Rosary, to find her.

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