La Boda de el Demonio y la Duena (open ended)

She was nervous after all this time she was still nervous. Hise came over and tapped her on the shoulder. “You will do fine, don’t worry.” Itza nodded, maybe she still had a few doubts or maybe it was little Misako. Either way she got up and was led by Hise to the chapel where their ceremony was to take place. She was getting married after all this time, she had never imagined she would. Not with the way she was but not only was she getting married but she actually loved him, loved John.

John stood at the alter taking a deep breath he was nervous and a tad bit scared I mean he was a soldier never thought he’d be getting married but luckily for him his two sons stood behind him and smiled and made sure he was alright ‘You’ll he alright dad, nothing scares the red lightning right?’ Alexander asked as John looked back and nodded “Thanks son” he said softly as he looked over the crowd and smiled, seeing everyone of his and itzas friends there made him a bit happy on the insides but not as happy as marrying the girl he loved

Bucket had arrived a little while ago, sitting on the groom’s side. He’d gotten a suit, to be proper. He still looked worn but he had a smile on his face, happy for his close friend.

Mike had arrived as well, in an ST dress uniform. He hadn’t been sure which side to sit on so he just grabbed a free seat in the back.

Orn arrived a short time after Mike, floating all high and mighty on his Shipmaster chair. He hovered on the bride’s side, with Kel’Valaam in tow. He had wanted to see a human wedding.

Lance comes or in his full dress blues which contain every medal and ribbon he has, based on the US Naval dress blues his medals are extensive including the equivalent of the to the CMH, for Solas Tempus. He checks his pocket watch and then heads into the room. Any the other official ST personnel who are enlisted would be in similar dress uniforms. He stops by the groom and moves in, “Congratulations John, and offers his hand.”

Tise had followed Mike’s example and was wearing a ST Dress Uniform, his rank displayed proudly on the right breast of the uniform as he beams with pride for his (blood) brother, as Tise stood in the appropriate place for the John’s best man.
Nig had also made an appearance, though as he had no uniform for such an occasion he had merely had his armour cleaned and was standing in the back corner on the Groom’s side, appreciating the beauty of the occasion while also maintaining a careful eye on things within the room.

John extends his hand and shakes lance “Thanks boss” he said with a smile as he looked at his (blood) brother and buck “Glad you could all make it ya know”
Apollyon had followed closely behind Nig as he entered and stood in the back corner alongside him, at most all Apollyon did to celebrate this occasion was clean his armor and remove his helmet

There were two other people John and/or Itza would notice being there, albeit one being more obvious than the other. The first was Flask, smiling at what was unfolding before him despite him not being able to see. He was just happy for Itza and John getting married. For anyone there, something completely new of him would be able to be seen. Instead of his signature leather armor being worn, he had on a suit. A full-on suit and tie which fit him surprisingly well. For nearly 3 years straight, he’s worn nothing but his leather armor in the public, but now it was different. It was a special occasion, and he didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to him, not just for his sake but Emily’s too, whom he was sitting next to. They were both on the groom’s side.

On the same side of seats, and way in the back, sat the 7’0" man in royalty clothing, Vincent Welsh. He had always treated his royalty clothing as both casual and formal wear, as that was how it was on his planet. But here, he took extra time to hand-clean his clothing, inside and out, top to bottom, getting as many specs of dust, dirt, and grime he could for the occasion. He was as clean as he can be, as he stood in the back of the seats as to not block anyone’s view. He had a proud smile on his face, he always had one on him when he was at a special occasion like these. Even if it wasn’t for someone he knew personally.

At Red’s words, Tise lets out a small scoff, speaking in a light tone. “I wouldn’t miss this for all the knowledge in the universe.”
Nig had spotted Apollyon and had given him a nod of recognition before returning to his surveillance.

“I couldn’t miss my bro’s wedding.” Bucket replied with a smile, nodding.

Orn and Kel’Valaam gave a polite nod to Nigrantibus.

Vlad came with his Tempus dress uniform going over to the bride’s side after saying hello to everyone. He owed it to Itza after she saved him. Following Flask is Emily smiling that her friend John was getting married. “Nice going John, I’m happy for you.” She says to him giving him a hug before sitting down with Flask. Itza herself was almost there, she was waiting for everyone to arrive before making her entrance as per tradition from her world.

Lance has some light conversation as he cruises the room talking to various people. He goes to both sides shaking hands, and is every bit the diplomat for a while. At least this wasn’t his wedding - yet - which he was still thinking of just eloping with rather than go through all of this. It scared him more than a little bit.

Finally once everyone has arrived and taken their seats at the wedding. Itza is lead by Hise her bridesmaid to the chapel. The music would obviously start to play as she entered and everyone would be able to see her in her wedding dress and her baby bump which was quite big. She is smiling but still a tad nervous. Vlad and Emily are both impressed by the sight as is Itza very impressed by Johns Rebel uniform.

Lance stands at the podium in his dress blues standing straight and official with his hands on the sides of the lectern. He smiles as they approach waiting for them to be ready for him to begin.

When john sees itza…all the nervousness he felt was gone and replaced by happiness which just made him smile like a pure idiot

Itza slowly walks up to where Lance and John are. She smiles seeing all the Angelos kids there as well, happy to be a part of this. Once she is up to where John is she says “quite the handsome man in that uniform, you clean up nicely.”

John was smiling the whole time as he watched Itza walk up to him, she was so beautiful in her dress that it took his breath away. When she made the comment about how good he looked in his uniform he couldn’t help but look away and blush a bit “Aww shucks babe…you’re quite beautiful in your dress ya know”

Lance waits until both parties have had a chance to exchange pleasantries… He looks at the two and asks quietly, “Are we ready?” with a smile on his face so that they know he’s not pushing, as far as he’s concerned they can take as long as they like.

Itza blushes as well from his comment. “John stop it I’m getting flustered.” She eventually manages to look over to Lance. “Sorry yes I am ready.” She still was feeling a bit nervous but not from the ceremony but from the amount of people present.

“Ah shite…sorry about that babe” John said with a small chuckle as he then turned to lance “Aye boss man Im ready” He then looked back to his two sons and nodded before turning back to itza and smiling

Lance nods and then he nods toward the band, who stops for a few moments before they begin to play the bridal music lightly in the background. Once it stars he clears his throat and in a clear voice he begins;

Welcome friends and loved ones. We are all here today to witness John Angelos and Iztaccihuatl join hands and be bound together by their love, now and forever. Today is a day to celebrate the love of John and Izta. They are two people who are the halves of a whole. Two souls, coming together to form one single being; two hearts, beating in a single rhythm. Today we join in our support of them as they offer themselves to each other. We celebrate their love, their joy and their expectations.

We acknowledge their spirt and their love, and the with the spirits of the God and the Goddess. We give thanks that these two souls have been drawn together by divine appointment, and will be held together by the power of divine love. We rejoice that through this mystical union, these two, now become one, will experience soul satisfaction and fulfillment, may God in his protection and strength offer longevity and lasting support and may the Goddess offer her wisdom and creation so long as these two souls are joined as one.

He pauses a moment and begins the questions and answers…
OOCly, I’m going to post all the questions which are the same for each of them.

Looking first at John, he asks…
What is your name?
And what is your desire?
Will you seek to do her harm?
And if harm is done, will you seek to repair it?
Will you seek to be honest with her in all things?
Will you support her in times of distress?
Will you temper your words and actions with love?
These things you have promised to your partner, before this company and the God and Goddess. May you ever be mindful and strive to keep the vows you have spoken.

Once John has answered all of these, he asks the same things to Itza (swapping pronouns appropriately of course).