Kithians and their magic - concept

Kithian magic draws its power from dreamessence or the way dreams interact with the force of creation. Just as Gods and Demons are creation or destruction manifest into a sentient existence from the conscious belief of all races. The dream realms, dreamessence and Kithians are the result of the unfocused and more surreal effects that the sentient races have on the force of creation. In much the same way Thallains and their creepessense are the nightmares of the sentient races and draw their power from the force of destruction.

Owing to the fact that Kithians are entirely dream based humans can only interact with them within the dream lands. However, Kithian magic is able to affect the real world given the right circumstances. One of these being the union of a male Kith and female dreamer causing the female to become pregnant with a Changeling. A being that has two souls, a human soul and a Kithian soul. Acting as a bridge between the dreamers and the dreamlands Changelings are able to use dreamessence to affect the real world. Whether it be using wayfare magic for locomotion or constructing fantastical contraptions impossible in the real world.

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