Kit Regar, the 'reformed' Thief

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Kit
|fullname= Kit Regar 
|race= djin
|alignment= neutral
|gender= female
|height= 5' 8"
|weight= 120lbs
|haircolor= platnum white
|eyecolor= ruby red
|age= 22
|dob= August 4, 2000
|birthplace= Chicago
|universe= Angelic Sins
|occ= Thief
|figure= slim and feminine, pale skin and platnum white hair.
|setting= Angelic Sins

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** she gets easily overwhelmed, lost and confused, due to her past of being a thief, she tends to be more independent or try to be. She can easily become dependant on her master due to the nature of her curse, she pretends to hate being given things but actually really loves being given precious things, especially nice and exotic things and cloths**

== Special Abilities ==
Shapeshifting: she can take many forms, though these forms can be forced to change by commands, against her will.

Djin Magic, illusions, minor alteration magic

== Special Skills ==




== Special Equipment ==


Thief cloths




== Background ==
A former thief, and a good one at that. Growing up in the streets, she knew no home or belonging anywhere. A bit of an outcast and troublemaker, she did whatever she could to survive. Including pickpocketing passerby’s, to burglary and general theft, she was especially good at taking rare items and pieces of art, such as statues.

One day she heard about a local self made rich man leaving his house often to visit some girl, she thought it was the perfect time to sneak in and get a quick score. She was successful… well mostly, she found a beautiful golden lantern, she wanted to take… but as soon as she touched it… she set off a trap of some kind maybe… it’s not clear… but she suddenly became a female humanoid, her clothes torn and shredded… leaving her in thin bed cloths, and on the floor, but she felt in some way, connected to the Lantern… leaving her confused and lost

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Kit outside of her lantern

Kit’s Lantern, when she’s inside it produces light.

Made some alternations to background and descriptions based on conversation with @Dasfier. Approved.