Kingdom of Neskar - Brainstorming

As per our policy, our wonderful Patreon partners got first crack at this (Kingdom of Neskar - Early Brainstorming for those that have access). Discussion there has yielded the general idea that we could go for a near-east vibe with Neskar. I like this idea myself. We’ve been discussing the details there in, particularly with leadership and how the Kingdom is organized. Persia has been brought up as an idea but other ideas include the Chinese Mandate of Heaven (China and Mali), using several shahs who run different parts of the Kingdom with everyone struggling for more power.

Also have discussed using a business that is owned by the royal family with local aristocracy paid for help using kickbacks or being given a competitive edge. This would provide a sort-of East India Trading Co kind of vibe in some ways, where the real power is in the ones who run the company, though the owners are the royals.

I have this idea that there is corruption and for Neskar to be one of the first Kingdoms that questions the Peace of Ages – especially since their territory is having the biggest problem with undead right now. If they question the Peace of Ages it leads into some future story lines.

Questions, thoughts, comments, etc…?

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