Kaito and Lisa Plot Notes

@Red_the_heretic and I have had this thing going on for a while, in line with this place as a shared / communal notes space, I figured I’d kind of dump what I was thinking for this pair and their relationship here.

Lisa is attracted to Kaito though she’s not really self actualized enough to understand that’s what’s going on or why / what / anything about it. She kind of gets off a bit on how angry he makes her, one of the reasons why (especially early on) she antagonized him. It wasn’t just his relationship with Nicole that had her up in arms, but there is this love-hate thing going on. Being attracted to being angry, there is a push-pull kind of thing.

The way I personally see it is, it’s not healthy, but it makes her feel a bit wild and free to antagonize a demon, almost like a death-wish but she doesn’t want to die but wants to come close to facing death.

Kaito has a sort of similar thing to him, he enjoys antagonizing other people especially Lisa since he knows no one can touch him physically.

Please Red, feel free to hit the edit button and change things or make additions.