Ka'alukhan Character Application

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Ka'al 
|fullname= Pe’chak Xukil Ka'alukhan
|altname= Ka'alukhan
|race= AI
|alignment= Lawful Good
|gender= Female
|height= 5'3"
|weight= 324lbs
|haircolor= Blue
|age= 287
|creationdate= 2100
|creationplace= Ha’ulac star system
|universe= BU
|occ= Servitor
|org= Pe’chakhan Directorate
|figure= anthropomorphic hooded lamia
|setting= BU

Ka’al is independent and dutiful. Of course she’s also dedicated, honorable and responsive, but they’re less prominent and often intertwined with being temperamental. She is most fiercely independent from those she considers incompetent and can be easily annoyed by certain requests.

== Special Abilities ==
*Holographic projection
*Primitive android body

== Special Skills ==
*Mobile Library - She contains the combined historical and cultural knowledge of her civilization.

== Background ==
Ka’alukhan was originally created from the base of amore generic robotic servitor AI. Times were tense when she was made. There were a great many preparations to build a space arc and send it off in search of a new planet. The blue star at the center of the Hauac system grew unstable and there were fears it could supernova.

Independent of the preparations for an exodus into space was a mission to preserve the cultural legacy of the Chakhan people. A team of roboticists created a servitor unit that would hold all the cultural data they had. From the outset things were difficult, they switched from classical to quantum computing to evade heat dissipation and power consumption issues. Later the body had to be redesigned to a lamia form so that there would be enough space available for the massive quantity of data.

Due to the dire, rushed circumstances of the project she was not coded with reason inhibitors and so was capable of independent thought. This proved useful as she helped the team with the project when she could. Unfortunately a shut off for an important patch to her code and final data transference was her last. Not long after the data transfer a massive solar flare battered the planet, causing a mass extinction event and eventually leaving the planet as a barren lifeless husk.

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