Ka'alukhan Character Application

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Ka'al 
|fullname= ka'alukhan 
|race= AI
|alignment= Lawful Good
|gender= Female
|height= 6'3"
|weight= 324lbs
|haircolor= Blue
|age= 287
|creationdate= 2100
|creationplace= Heshi star system
|universe= BU
|occ= Crew Assistance AI
|org= Nashu Directorate 
|figure= anthropomorphic hooded snake 
|setting= BU

Ka’al is independent and dutiful. Of course she’s also dedicated, honorable and responsive, but they’re less prominent and often intertwined with being temperamental. She is most fiercely independent from those she considers incompetent and can be easily annoyed by certain requests.

== Special Abilities ==
*Holographic projection
*Primitive android body

== Special Skills ==
*Starship Piloting (primitive space ships)

*General Psychology (to monitor crew member mental health)

*Engineering (working knowledge of the primitive spacecraft used by the Directorate)

== Background ==
Ka’alukhan was originally created from a more generic robotic servitor AI. Her line was initially built for classical computing then later ported into quantum computing when heat dissipation and power consumption issues became prevalent. Her role was originally to be a general aid to the crew but later it was modified to be executive officer under the ship Captain.

Since she was the only one of her model to be used for a semi independent, quasi command role she was given a body that more closely resembled the higher caste as opposed to the more generic humanoid androids of her original product line. Given the expanded capabilities of quantum computing to the Directorate they were able to program in a true personality, the one that would be given the name Ka’alukhan.

After a series of tests, including simulated missions and simulated attempts on her life, Ka’al was cleared for use. Her unique neural profile was to be used for a new semi independent android line. She had one major upgrade compared to the rest of the planned models. Her chest was fitted with two easy to remove power cells for extended independent performance.

Initially testing went on for around two years when suddenly she was turned off and kept offline for an extended period. Unknown to her, due to imposed information quarantine during testing, the planet was being hit with a solar wind of increasing intensity. Eventually a large coronal mass ejection caused a mass extinction event. Ending the Directorate and leaving her offline on a barren world.

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