Justin "Time" Richards Keeper of the Tempus circumdabit

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Justin
|fullname= Justin Richards
|altname= Justin, "Time"
|race= Human Temporal Infused, Cyborg
|alignment= Chaotic good
|gender= Male
|height= 5' 8"
|weight= 150 lbs
|haircolor= blond
|eyecolor= black with gold irises
|age= 21
|dob= December 21, 2366
|birthplace= Soteria
|universe= BU
|occ= Tactical Ensign, Temporal Operative
|org= Solas Tempus
|figure= short blond hair, medium build, cybernetic arms, gold eye color, black eyes
|setting= BU

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A bit of the lone wolf type, he tends to stick to himself and enjoys solitude, sometimes he goes into his Temporal displacement simply to be alone. He likes to get in and focus on his job / task at hand. He may be young but he is skilled and professional.

== Special Abilities ==
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Temporal displacement (separates himself from current time, causing time around him to seem to stand still to himself, however he can move freely in the displaced time)

Extrasensory perception (due to his connection to time,he can seem to know where things are going and he appears to dodge things almost effortlessly as if he knew where it is coming from before it happens, this power comes more as just a feeling rather than seeing through time)

Chronokinetic actions (his actions, including combat actions appear to happen at superhuman speeds, even though he’s standing still, or seems to hardly or inexplicably move.

== Special Skills ==

Hand to hand combat


Covert operations


== Special Equipment ==

Tempus circumdabit (mysterious pocket watch appearing to be from earth’s victorian era, it helps him control his powers)

Cybernetic arms, his arms were replaced with robotic arms, the cybernetics contain built in phasers, and stability enhancements, they are similar to iron man arms being able to act as thrusters as well as weapons, he can also extend a blade from the top of the arm for melee combat. They also hold a number of other Solas Tempus tools and equipment he can use as needed.

== Background ==
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Born in one of the small communities on the mainland Justin was no stranger to hard work, his parent’s both served in various different parts of the military, so he spent very little time on his home planet, living mostly on starships. When he was still young, there was a temporal attack which damaged the ship, all the crew and the young boy survived, however he lost his arms. While in the medbay aboard the ship heading back to Soteria, for some much needed R & R for the crew, the child began displaying strange and unique abilities as part of the temporal attack’s initial strike. Temporal disruptions and anomalies around him, and even weird displacements. Other symptoms included a change in his eye coloring, the whites of his eyes turning black and his eye color turning to a shiny gold. It also included him phasing in and out of time at times, or his location changing at seemingly random intervals.

After arriving at Nimbus he was rushed to the medbay, where further research determined that the Chronotons and Tachyons from the attack had combined with his body. They were able to stabilize him within a subspace field, and called his condition or whatever he became, “temporal infused” beings that are infused with temporal energy and can phase in and out of time.

Eventually, a pair of robotic arms were provided and cybernetics installed into his person to help him control his new arms, as well as special cybernetics to help medical sensors check the state of his health. Some point during the road to his recovery and surgeries, on his birthday he was given a special pocketwatch, the Tempus Cirumdabit, an old pocket watch, which when he came in contact and possession of it, he stopped phasing through time, and his presence in the current timeline solidified, stabilizing him. Since then he’s kept the watch always on his person and learned how to use it to control his powers.

After High School Justin was approached with an offer to join the academy and have a future with Solas Tempus. After giving it some thought, he accepted, and went to the academy. There he studied a variety of subjects, from combat and strategy, to warfare history, mythology and science, and engineering. He did well in tactical training.

During his education he was recruited to be a temporal operative, accepting it and taking on the additional challenge of the education there. He graduated as a tactical ensign and a Temporal operative, ready to be put to work.

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Justin “Time” Richards preparing for a fight

The Tempus Circumdabit