Just a normal day.. (part 1)

She stood up and walked to mirror and looked at her face… she just woke up, but everything seem other than yesterday. She look out of window next to mirror, people walked down street chatting, like nothing from yesterday happen, there was no scorch marks or anything.

she sighed, she felt terribly uncomfortable in this place.

someone knock to door, she walked up to it and press handle

then someone barged inside, throwing her on floor, knocking her out

yesterday (?)
"one minute to LZ"
she looked around, dropship was full of UN Marines

IRP attacks took many people snce beggining of war, UN wanted to turn tide of war, it was this day where modern version of D-Day was supposed to happen

so far everything went accor…

“Wolfs 10 and 11 are down, i say aga AAAAAR” radio signal cut

“wolfs, Sierra Actual, be advaised strong AA in operation zone. mission remain same, take down Ground-To-Space emplacements so we can deploy main forces”

Sergant of team would turn around to face his troppers when command stopped talking
"Delta Company, listen up! Men on the UNS ISANOVA are counting on us to take out the anti ship guns on those cliffs! Move fast, get to cover, and get the job done!"

after second pilot would key back onto line
"5 secods, let the god be with you"

dropship landed and ramp lowered, marines ran out of it stright under MG fire, yet many reached first possible cover


she and few other marines would peak from cover and rain rounds onto enemy position, then she realised target guns aren’t there
"Sergant Randall! the guns aren’t here!"

he turned to her “WHAT?”


He noded “Ok the guns aren’t here, let’s move out to rally point Bravo, Diaz, Mara smoke those MGs”

two troopers threw smoke grenades toward MG position, as soon as smoke popped out , then both ran toward next cover, arriving there throwing two Demolition packs at MGs

then they pressed detonator
loud explosion filled air, muffled by both soldiers helmets, one of marines yells “LET’S GO GET THE BASTARDS” and team dash forwad, Diaz and mara fire at few remaining hostiles going toward rally point.
soon after Delta team would meet with Omega, and proceed forwad

they slowly walked through forest area, as few IrP soldiers would climb onto tree, amd fire at soldiers “TREES, TREES” both teams would return fire, some more UN soldiers falling onto ground, after combat remaining soldiers would follow firt road untill getting to crossroad

sergant looked around
"Mal, Gump, Jenkins and Mara, with me, rest setup roadblock, take MGs"

sergamt amd selected troopers would walk away and soon after they key on com “we got cannons, placing termite now”

Diaz looked around setting up MG on tripod, then she heard sort of whistle, explosion, then silence

Diaz woke up and walked up to mirror, she looked at her face then peeked through window. then someone knocked into door…

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