I've searched for what seems an eternity. (Open-Ended)

:star: OOC: This takes place in an alternate reality, and not the prime timeline.

November 21st, 2381.
Everything was normal, Drem spent her day doing the usual, lance and flask doing same as they do.
18:00, Drem is nowhere in sight. Her bag is on her bed and lance cannot find her. She isn’t on the station, and her ship is still there.
20:00, Panic sets in. There is no trace of her, Nobody has seen her, and Her PADD cannot be located. her communicator isnt responding to anything, and many worry.

This was known as the last sighting of Drem confoscho.

Many searched for her, worried. Lance never stopped searching, knowing she was still out there somewhere.

July 4th, 2382.
It’s been 8 months since anyone has heard from drem. A group of 8 was sent off to help a Small city on a planet with a mysterious alien-like problem.

While returning to the city with something that belongs to the chief, they spot someone who looks an awful lot like Drem. They want to go see if it truly is her, but the chief of the city desperately needs it. Someone stays behind and keeps an eye on her, as the others rush to get the artifact to the chief. They then regroup, and by just one glance, they can easily tell that it was Drem. It was the same drem of this universe, and not just one who spliced in. The group stands less then 30 feet away from her.

The girl who’s been missing is standing right near them, she hasn’t even noticed them yet. Someone who’s been searched for, for almost a full year.

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Lance had stayed behind and sent the rest of the team to return the item to the chief. He went into stealth mode and easily stayed hidden with adaptive camouflage. He also stayed far enough away to not get noticed by her. Still, he was amazed and a cold kind of anger was settling in, he wanted to see her, but at the same time he wanted to smack the shit out of her.

Drem had the odd feeling someone was watching her. Her hair was loosely braided with Dark red tips. A few people backed up from her, whispering things relating to the name ‘Blood sorceress’ and the like when looking at her. Of course, she could give less of a crap about them. She continues walking, eyes beginning to scan around her, looking for any sort of spies or people who would be following her.

The group arrives shortly and meets back up with lance.

Flask had been in the group on the mission. He honestly just had nothing else to do, so he came along as a ground force in case there was something, anything, that caused them to fight. But on the ship, he stayed behind since the group he was assigned to didn’t need to head out yet, and just guard the ship. That was where he would act bedt, in a close area, just like the many rooms on a space ship.

But then, as he was patrolling the hallways, a soldier comes up to him with the news of Drem’s sighting, directly from Lance

“Excuse me, Mr. Flask” The soldier says, coming from behind him and in a hurry, and calling out to him from about 5 feet away
Flask turns around, both hands in his pockets "Yeah, what is it? There an attack?
“No Flask, I have news, directly from Admiral Lance. He said that since you were here you had to be one of the first people to hear this” The soldier says, catching his breath. Seems he went a long way to get to him
"Well then, spit it out! What is it?"
The soldier continues to catch his breath, then takes a deep breath, before speaking up “We found Drem in the forests, wandering about. We haven’t made any moves to give away our position to her yet”

Flask instantly froze, and for quite a while. He had to let that bomb of information sink into him. He had been searching for her all this time, taking every chance he could to research on how to find her. He could have made about 3 or 4 new types of potions at this point, but he didn’t. Instead he spent every single free second he had, looking through every last piece of evidence he could to try and find her. Though throughout that time, about halway into now, he slowly began to give up. Less and less he searched for her, and soon he would have given up. He would have considered it a lost cause to search for her, a search for someone who’s life was no longer existant in this universe.

But now… she’s been found. Found at the exact perfect timing, just when Flask was about to give up, AND on the planet the mission he volunteered for was heading to. Was it fate that lef him to this? Or was it just chance? Either way, he had to let it all sink in, all of the events. Once he did though, and once he had a plan of action, he just straight up began to run to Lance. He headed there in a hurry, and once he got there, it was obvious he had an instsnt, raging fire in him, clear by what wasn’t covered by his hair. He aksed to join along to see her for the first time, and he accepted, since he knew how much he cared for finding her again. He helped him become invisible without a suit (however that would work), and the two set out.

He made sure to hold himself back from going straight up to Drem, and kept his distance next to Lance

“Drem… Where have you been?” He asks himself in his mind, shocked that after all of this time she was right there, right in front of him…

He waited for Lance to make his move

Itza had been with the group as the engineer, she was itching to get back to the station and had a look of contempt on her face. She was near Flask when the news was broken to them that Drem had been found. she instantly thought, who the fuck is Drem? For a few minutes she pondered this while on the walk over to where Lance was. 'Fuck can’t fucking remember. Drem…Drem… Ah Drem the shithead that tried to convince me to join the engineering arm of Solas Tempus! Farking hell, how long had she been missing? All that searching only for her to show up on one of the missions, who’d a thunk it?'She keeps quiet as she reaches Lance and the others not wanting to do blow their cover. Itza was however getting a sermon ready for Drem.

Lance let Flask and the others join him as he watched Drem. The communicators holographic projectors were producing a rather nice adaptive camouflage system. They all watched, all 3 of them. Lance turns to Flask, “Are all our mission objectives complete?”

Flask was just having his head focused to Drem as he tried to sense what she was doing. When Lance asked his question, he didn’t respond, as most of his mind was either focusing on what she was doing and letting the situation sink in, still. It was nearly 8 months of investigating where she was, and she was right there. It would be clear that he was still letting the whole thing sink in. After a couple of seconds though, he speaks up

“From what I’ve gathered, we did everything we need to do. All objectives are complete, and we were setting up to head home actually. But I guess we’re not going just yet, aren’t we?” Flask makes sure to whisper and not draw any attention. Or if he just had a silent communicator to which he could use his mind to talk to Lance and/or Itza, he’d use that. Either way, he said those words exactly

Itza doesn’t say anything while this was happening but she wanted to say “Why are we fucking going after her? If the piece of shite wanted to leave just let her” she didn’t say it partially because both Flask and Lance seemed very interested in her and because she did want any trouble on the mission.

Drem continued her way down, taking note of all the crowd around her. She suddenly comes to a stop when flask is talking. Or, whispering. They can’t see her face, but she’s definitely taken notice that just by her figure of mind, something is watching. Not just normal townsfolk.
She turns to a girl who had been walking near her, They have red hair, pulled up in a bun with a chopstick-like item in her hair, holding it. Although, if one looked closer, It had a blade on it.
“Alysa.” She spoke, and the girl turned to her.
Drem makes an odd sign which could be thought of as many things, curves, braids, loops. Its a quick hand sign, before she continues to walk off, Her speed picking up.

Lance doesn’t answer anyone else, as far as he’s concerned this isn’t any of their business. Well perhaps it was Flask’s, but he didn’t buy that either. For him, this was between the two of them. Lance follows, using his considerable decodes of spy-craft along with the active camouflage to keep up with her, but not reveal his exact location either. As she picked up speed, he stayed with her, fully intent on just following her until she had to stop if necessary.

Well, it pretty much WAS Flask’s business. He had gone through everything he could for Drem, in nearly all 8 of those months. He had dedicated so much time to finding her, as she held a special place in his heart. She was there for him, the first kind person to help him out when he was too nervous to talk to anyone, when he was master-less. Drem was one of those people in his life where if it wasn’t for her and a few others, he would most likely not be who he is today. Drem was just as special for the few things she’s done for him in his mind as it was for Lance and them growing up together.

This WAS his business, and he was going to pursue getting her back, no matter what. He followed Lance, using his senses to sense what was all around him to make as little noise as possible. He didn’t say a word as he tried to follow her, being almost as stealthy as Lance purely because he and his entire body and mind have a passion for their goal. If this was any other mission Flask would most likely make tons of small noises by now. But this time was different.

This is the moment he was waiting for for 8 months

Itza didn’t try to pursue Drem as fast as the other two mostly because she wasn’t someone who could do those type covert actions not without a machine to help her out. She did look at them wondering what was going through their minds. Why they choose to pursue her, she couldn’t comprehend. She loved John with all her heart but even then if he left without a word she would disown him. Humans where odd things.

Drem and the girl take a turn, heading to a secluded area. They end up on a bridge, which both sides have water around them. From there, The girl pulls the pin from her hair and it turns into a dagger. Drem’s long sleeves reach down past her hands, but it could seem she did have something in her hand, not a dagger or knife, though.

They watch all around them, intensity kicking up slowly. There was barely anywhere they could camoflage unless they layed on the bridge or something of the like.

By this point, a small bandage strand fell from under the sleeve of her left arm, the opposite arm did hold something, still.

“We need to find our way back to Judas. We’ll be safe there…” The girl, alysa, spoke.
“Fine…” Drem sighed, before both of them suddenly stormed off into a back way. It was very dark…

Lance switched to thermal imagery as the girls passed into the dark, trying to keep a bead on them. He knew going over the bridge would be a problem, he didn’t see any option though, he couldn’t go through the water, he tapped the control panel on his arm engaged the anti-gravity flight system. Thrusting upward he flies over the bridge and picks up speed, still trying to follow the two women. He patches himself through to the Excalibur in orbit, “Excalibur, this is the Admiral, I want you to train the primary planetary array onto this area, I need more resolution.”

Flask didn’t exactly have anything that allowed him to use thermal vision. He didn’t have a suit, the power of fudge mad ehim become invisible through other means since they were in a hurry to see Drem. Though he still had something at his disposal: his senses. He could still sense that Drem and the other girl were simply by the sounds they made as they walked, or used his heightened sense of touch to tell where they were relative to him. He followed behind Lance, still making sure to not make any noise as he walked

Itza followed Flask, the only person she could follow with Lance’s theatrics. She started tinkering with a small device as she followed. She did have contraptions to see in the dark but the were not discreet enough to be of any use.

Lance is able to successfully see them, and flask and itza can hear there foot steps. The tunnel ends soon, and they are easily able to watch them as they run through the crowds. They end up standing in the center of a empty crowd area. Drem looks to the girl, and sighs. “Are you unable to locate him?” Drem asks, the girl shakes her head.

There’s a bit of confusion going on, but the two of them seem to be trying to figure something out.
Drem is frankly getting annoyed, and the other girl is worried… Drem then speaks loudly, but not enough for a ton of people to hear her. “Whoever the hell is following us, we know that your here.”

Lance opens a COM channel to the rest of the team while he gets a green light that that transporter room has a positive lock on both targets… He talks only over the COM, “Does it look to anyone like she’s in danger? Any excuse to extract her?” He asks everyone on the COM, “Otherwise we’ll have to make conventional contact.”

Flask sensed the area around all of them, analyzing the entire situation and their surroundings. He had sensed everything around them for about 2 whole minutes before speaking up, others most likely beating him to it before he even gained his senses back to what the others were doing. They were in the clear, and there were really no immediate threats nearby, so he had come to the solution that they should talk to them peacefully. It would be nice to have a reunion without violence anyway. Flask speaks over the intercom

“I say we talk to them. It would be better for a reunion without cuts and bruises after all, I’m sure that goes for all of us here. Besides, I sensed everything around us, and I don’t sense any threats nearby. They’re by themselves, and no one or thing else is with them. Your call though, I’m just giving the best plan in my mind”