Its only a Nightmare, Soon we'll be set free

This nightmare has plagued Drem for years, she thought it was finally over, She had gotten over it, Believing surely, it was just a nightmare.

She has been sent on a mission to find her old friend, someone dear to her who was sent missing. As she’s gone through the universe to find them, she finally gets a location
As she seeps her way through planets to find these coordinates, she finally is able to reach where they would be.

As her ship steers through, she comes to a planet, Tattered into pieces. It was almost completely destroyed, but the signal showed up here. "No…This can’t be right…"
she muttered, as she heads into the planets field, it’s all broken up rocks, and it seems to be hollow on the inside. It would collapse in few years time. She lands her ship
near a large statue, and hops out. Looking toward it, a message can be seen. As it’s translated, her eyes widen…

"In honor For the 234,380 lives risked at wars throughout the years, a quest for endless freedom is won through death and sacrifice."
It took her a moment to understand. “No…No No!” She sees the entrance open, and quickly rushes into it. Stairs, lots of them.
It takes her a minute to get down “She can’t be dead!” Memories instantly rushing through her head, times they met, laughed.
So much time spent near her, laughing, Crying, helping eachother… All those times only for her to be dead now?

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she looks out…beyond her own sight, hundreds of thousands of graves… She looks at the tracker, running, she tripped, loosing sight of how much further away she would be.
She continued to run, though. 300 feet… 200 feet… 100 feet… 50, 30, 20… 5, 3… 0… She stood at the grave ‘Axelia Faren’ collapsing down by the grave… “No…No… I wasn’t in time… I didn’t make it!” Tears began to fall,
dripping down to her helmet… “Oh my god… I’m so…I’m so sorry… Axelia…” She always told herself it’d be fine… It’s not fine! Nothing is fine! The rain of tears flow down her cheeks, biting her lip to keep herself from fully
breaking down…Yet, that wasn’t helping very much. So many people, all risked at a stupid war, but what did we accomplish? Simply saying one side is stronger then another? That we were better? Why fight just for that.
She feels herself getting dizzy, emotions wacked at her like a train hitting someone. Before she can say anything, she falls over, body going numb.

Her eyes flash open, Darkness… She held herself, crying gentle, slight tears… it was back to haunt her, that nightmare that plagued her again and again. And she had to bear it, again and again.
Hyperventilating a bit, she tries to calm herself down… She has no proof that they are dead or alive, all she can hope for is the best. Drem stays bunched up there, she never handled this well.
Thats why she tried to forget about it, but she’d never get past that barrier unless she was able to get past the death of axelia.
But she always repeated something in these situations… Its only a nightmare, and soon we’ll be set free…