Involving Non-Combat Characters - Brainstorming

So we’ve been having a discussion on Discord about how to involve the non-combat characters. In fact @icywinterdawn has her character, Nine, kind of collating a group of non-Solas Tempus characters, which is awesome. We’ve tossed some ideas back and forth, but I’d like to get more input if at all possible.

One of the biggest ideas is to have several characters (or NPC’s) trapped on a platform station or other location that is about to get overrun by a solar flare or other dangerous item to go through without shields. Of course the PC’s job will be to get the shields up before everyone dies. Another idea is to mix the non-combat and combat, come up with a situation where the science types have to develop a way to modify the weapons to work on a particular foe, adjacent idea is for some of the characters have to go out of their element to get direct readings on the technology of the enemy to get hard data on what needs to be done. I also like the idea of some kind of IC investigation, sort of Law and Order / CSI style where combat wouldn’t help at all and players need to figure out some chain of events to obtain the truth. This could involve a few things, a criminal trial / investigation or even uncovering a trail of bread crumbs to rescue a hostage from some enemy strong hold.

@Zephyranthes and I had an idea about him finding a place suitable for a Serenity Concord colony location. This could actively involve non-combat characters investigating various aspects of the planet. Star Trek and other science fiction shows / movies often glaze over these things since they are not exciting to watch on screen. In fact, the closest they come is Star Trek III the Search for Spock where they start a planetary survey, it is obviously crunched in time to “look good” but not really done well (watch the movie, you’ll see). Being that this is an RP, I think we can do better than that.

There will have to be a lot of time and energy that goes into plotting these things out, arraying out what characters will find and what they’ll have to do to find them. That shouldn’t be too hard to do, but time consuming. I’d love to get more input, more ideas.

So not super serious suggestion, but a scenario where during planetary survey ST finds the remains of a recently dead alien civilization. Like 5-10 million years dead. The remains would be several probes and labs scattered in their solar system. Within the labs would be tons of data they saved before the end including DNA data. So the Crux of the scenario would be whether or not to revive the civilization. idk if this thread was meant so we can reply.

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Oh, this is totally intended to be replied to. I like that idea a lot, but I’d add that perhaps they have some kind of genetic arc, storing some method for restoring the civilization. Then they’d have to decide if they wanted to activate the arc or not, as that could change the power dynamic in the area, etc… etc… Could even expand that to have protesters who don’t want it done (or do, or both).

I second @darktrooper501’s idea. I also like the prospect of doing something outside the Schatten system. We already have a bunch of ships at our disposal, we might as well put them to use for something different other than combat. And they are different environment to play in/with than a planet or the station that could lead to interesting scenarios for non-combat characters.

That would work very well for me too. Would we want to do this live via the Discord server or here on the forum? I think we all know what I’d prefer, but I’m not everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m indifferent to what we are going to use. I suppose we can use the forum.

sure that seems good, like i said my suggestion was to stimulate ideas so im okay with the whole genetic arc and the protesters, as for the medium i don’t really care for it and could do whatever

So, I think that we’ve kind of honed in on an idea… So I’m going to start another thread on that, so that if we want to keep brainstorming we can without getting it cluttered.

Colonization Plot