Introduction- Red

Hello everyone it is The crimson King Magnus the Red better know as Red or Name redacted (you’ll never know my true name), I am 17 years, Live in the good old Islands Of Hawaii, currently still in school but we don’t need to talk about school now do we. During my free time apart from doing heretical stuff I prefer to read, play games, draw, work on my models, and workout. I’m part antisocial due to being a heretic and all but that’s my life. That’s a general description of me unless well you wanna know my dark past life

Chalenge called and accepted

Hush you tart or I’ll give you to slaanesh

The CIA has all your porn.

Poor Red, all his dirty secrets exposed in TV now

That is CNN not the CIA ks.

CIA is on my ass now well that’s great now I can fight the FBI and the CIA same time woooo

They aren’t on your ass, they just want your porn.

Good luck finding iiiiiiiiitttt

Regarding your porn: 5/10. It was okay. You are quite obsessed with Neopolitan, aren’t you?

Pfffft red kinks exposed

Dr. WinterCNN