Introduction Kimbersqk

Hello there everybody.

My name is Kimbersqk eerr… Kimber is close enough. I have been around role playing for a while in a different website. At first I was just around it to learn from other people since I was not confident at all in my writing. It was highly overwhelming. Luckily, with different people encouraging me, I have branched out and even now looking into another website (here) to possibly write.

I am usually a pretty busy person. If you do become my partner, please be patient with me. I have the motto of… “Writing is for FUN, not stress.” I already have enough stress. To be here, is to have fun. :slight_smile: I hope you have fun too. Possibly we can have fun together.

For writing stories, I like to write in “today/on Earth” stories. It is hard for me to imagine something that I do not live daily. I write a female character and write “today” setting.

Maybe you and I can enjoy an intellectual writing story.

right so it may be the fact that i should have been in bed like an hour ago from the time of posting this but. what is “today/on earth” stories? Also Hello.

~bites @Kimbersqk on the bum~

Fufufufu~, she’ll never guess who this is!

I think she means not in a SciFi setting but in a modern day setting that fits well with the actual real world.