Introduction - JumpingScript

Hey there!
Figured this is a thing now, soo there we go…
JumpingScript aka Max be the name. Call me Script. (PLEASE). I am 18 years old, although ppl say quite often that my writing style suggests a higher age.
Being the average german guy, I like drinking bier. Job is safe, currently learning to be an Application Developer. (Random Audience: “AY! That dude has a thought something as he chose his…” Me: “Ikr.”)
Regarding hobbies… Taekwondo, chess, programming ( yeah,a job can be a hobby too!)

As I want to put a period behind this, finally: I have about one year of discord roleplay experience.

Jobs are best when they are hobbies. We should get on and play chess sometime, you’ll win though because I’m really bad at chess.

Online chess? Sure thing! Haven’t played for some time now, I doubt I could score an easy win. xD

A job can be enjoyable and a hobby? Blasphemous!

I don’t think you realize how bad I am at chess.

you can play with me

i don’t even know rules xD

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I appreciate that. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ks0908 @cyclops
you can both play with me, same username as here. “JumpingScript” xD

maybe one day
i probably should learn rules first