Introduction - Cyro

Not really my strong suit but figured I would go ahead with an introduction, I prefer not to give a real name most people who know it still call me Cyro (It’s pronounced Kai-Ro don’t ask why) so may as well keep it going. I’m 20 years old and born in the north east of Britain thus I get all the things expected of being British. Smug, Smack talking and never shut up about the glories of tea.

I’ve been doing role play for around 14-15 years now ever since my sister introduced me to things like D&D where I spent most of my time playing around as a raving Psycho something that never went well for the rest of the party. Though I do a lot of roleplay I couldn’t really call it my main hobby, that belongs to Warhammer 40k in which I spend most of my time selling my soul to plastic.

If you want details about me I have failed to mention feel free to ask though whether I give answers or not depends on the question. The only thing I can say to bare in mind is I tend to be a bit short tempered on some days and suffer a few mental difficulties that make me more than a bit twitchy on a bad day though these events can be few and far between think of it as a form of split personality.

Other interests involve RTS gaming, Therapy and increase my ever growing pool of pointless facts about the most random things though this tends to happen of it’s own accord due to kept company irl.

(Image used is online persona of Cyro)