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I asked everyone else to do it, so I should do it myself. I am 38 now, married, have been for 10 years or so. I am from California, I now live in Kentucky. I am going to school at University of Kentucky to be a math teacher, focusing on High School. The idea is to teach high school then go into college teaching at some point. I was a computer science major in California, but I flunked out of school at Humboldt State University, while most of it is my fault I tend to blame my wife and her horses.

I started role playing in 1997, summer it was, when my friend Justin introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons, at a guy named Adam’s house. The guy was a tool, he ran games against characters, not for the story but to win. I still don’t know what made him want to run games other than the general impression that he likes to be in control and in charge. This is probably false, as I never really got to know him. I didn’t want to, at the time I held myself above his sort in arrogance. It was my defense mechanism for years spent as the geeky kid. Little did I know at the time that I was my own worst enemy and all I had to do was let go of fear of rejection and let them get to know me.

So, fast forward some amount of time, I played a lot of free form play on IRC (Internet Relay Chat for those that don’t know). It was the standard for chat that much of the Internet used for a long time, there was that and HTML based chat in browsers - nothing like the web chat we have today, which isn’t half bad. This was before HTML5, Ruby on Rails, and any other instances of the modern Internet which make the modern web apps usable.

Playing on IRC was fun, but I hated the setting, which was mostly Vampire the Masquerade. I’ve never really liked World of Darkness. Too many people who want to bang sexy vampires or demons or other such things. I found it unreasonable, the setting of this random bar in random place full of supernatural creatures all wanting to get off with each other. Cybersex, at the time, was still a thing since people didn’t have cell plans for extended long distance calls, most people didn’t have web cams, those that did have webcams were usually attached to desktop computers, and the age group was about what it is for Discord now.

I have always been a Trek fan, and perhaps someday I’ll talk about how I came up with Solas Tempus and all. However, that aside, I hated how all of these role play settings were run, this unnecessary focus on winning by the higher ups, the drama that was pervasive, and the people who joined and stayed to stoke and feed off the drama. A few other things happened too which had me just leave it for a good long time. I found a role playing forum called Elliquiy, which focuses on erotic role play and has a short but effective application process. I started to see a different way to handle role play. I had done email lists before but those were basically just slow chat rooms and longer form. I had even run my own forum previously, Blue Covenant (before Halo was a thing), then Angelic Sins in multiple incarnations, and a few incarnations of Blazing Umbra.

Elliquiy gave me this view of how to do a role play respectfully, without drama, and with multiple settings and that one can be picky about their role playing. I had just latched onto whatever setting I could find and called it good, but Elliquiy has thousands of members and multiple request boards where people post wish-lists of what they’d like to role play, then others read through them like classified ads used to be in the paper. It was both effective and gave me many ideas. Unfortunately, Elliquiy is run by a rather heavy handed owner, Veksid, who is controlling by nature and resistant to change. I didn’t like the nanny-state style rules - it was against the rules to give our your own personal information, to list your own web site in your posts, and many other things.

I had joined Elliquiy after being in a relationship, online, with a girl calling herself Spook (real name was Erika). Erika and I had a rather extensive online relationship, I enjoyed the BDSM cybersex we would have (don’t judge me! :P). Erotic role play seemed ok, but I learned a lot more from there. Had a 2nd relationship with Erika after we had a falling out, had the final falling out which was, heartbreaking for me, just after I moved to Kentucky. Being into BDSM, or rather the D/s part of it, I’ve had a lot of submissive online but nothing prepared me for the submissive I had in real life. I learned a lot about leadership and choice during that period of time, and insane people too (she was crazy as fuck).



Just kidding. High five for BDSM.

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So why am I telling everyone this? I suppose it is simply that I’d like people to know where I’m coming from with creating this place. I learned a lot about choice and leading people through a good part of my life, managing for 10 years for McDonald’s wouldn’t be what one would initially consider to be specially educational. However, I can tell you all that they have an extensive management training dealing with expectations, communication, and dealing with people - if you care to pay attention during the training. My wife also has a degree in communication (focused on rhetoric), which means that I am exposed to and have absorbed a lot about it, in addition though I never win an argument ever.

I got tired of seeing drama play out for others, bad choices made by moderators, in-group cliques and the privleged few of a chat room or message server being treated better than other people. I think this can be seen to play out in multiple places over Discord especially, being such a young medium and attracting such a young audience. Patience and fairness seem to be masked because people who enjoy having authority. I don’t enjoy it like that though, I enjoy authority in the fact that I want to provide somewhere that people feel safe to play and not judged.

So here I am. Trying - again - to build a community for role players to enjoy and stretch out their creative wings under someone who actually knows how to be a leader.

So that’s me, well, not all of me. That is me in reference to this place.

and you do that good Cy. BU is one of most active places i ever saw