Into the Mouth of the Beast

Itza tried to enter the dreaming with John to show him the way she sees the world but some unseen force caused it to go wrong and instead she was flung into a different universe while John was booted back to the universe of ST. Little did she know she was sent to an alternate Warhammer universe where the emperor of mankind was given the ability to talk via a text to speech device. The following is her story there.

Itza appeared with a flash inside an enormous ship. She was inside an eldar craftworld, immediately she was surrounded by guards. She was asked to identify herself and for some odd reason she could understand them. She gave her name and what she was, the guards looked at each other unsure of what to do. They had never had an intruder quite like her so they take her into a holding cell within the ship. She looked at the ship, it was extremely advanced and operated by technology she had not seen before.

She was held in the cell for a few hours before someone came to talk to her. She sees someone in weird dress comes to speak to her. The person speaks “I am farrseer Ylria of the eldar craftworld Biel-tan. Now tell me Iztaccihuatl Xochitl, how did you enter our ship like that? We have never seen this power, teleportation without using the warp.”
“I don’t know myself, all i was trying to do was show John the dreaming” Itza replies
"What is this dreaming?" Ylria asks
"A realm made from human dreams and creativity" Itza says

Ylria thinks for a moment, the person before her appears to be another eldar to her eyes, and as far as she could tell this stranger was not a warp entity. Strangely however is that this ‘Itza’ seemed to have the warp flow through her like a daemon without being one, she wasn’t even marked by any of the chaos gods. Ylria decides to take her under her wing to keep her under observation, find out how she arrived and to see if her connection to the warp could be used in their favor. Ylria leaves to convince the other eldar to allow her to train this newcomer.

((time skip a year))

Itza was running through a forest, panting. She had gotten used to this a bit and was a more athletic however it was still a problem keeping up with people that are much taller than her. Still she pushes herself and can barely keep up with Ylria. Its not just a simple jog though the woods, she has to navigate obstacles all without using the warp. It was to train her body before training her mind or so Ylria said. Itza could tell that Ylria had high expectations for her and that this was the only way to prevent her from being killed by them. Still she pushed forward more and more until she could no longer keep going and collapses on the ground. Ylria goes over “Get up! you still have more to go. If you do not push beyond your limits you will never be able to control your power.”

This was true, she wished to control the power she held, which had changed again in the new universe. She grunts and gets up shakily. She gathers her will and starts walking forward. Ylria frowned “You need to move faster than that” Itza glares at her and starts to pick up the pace. She finishes the rest of the physical training and takes a break to eat. Afterwards she meditates with Ylria for a few hours. It was hard not to doze off after running to exhaustion like before she had to use her force of will to finish the exercise.

She could feel the warp flow around her and her will bending it, shaping it. This was a vast improvement from when she started about a year ago. Her clumsy use of the warp then had nearly caused her to summon a daemon, she remembers the punishments she received that day. Once the meditation was over she was free for the day, something she looked forward and dreaded at the same time. She was free from her training but it was boring since the eldar were very austere. It was not without reason, they did not want to share the same fate that befell their ancestors ages ago. Still she wasn’t like them and resented the fact that she couldn’t let loose from how they treated her. They even gave her a soul stone to protect her from She Who Thirsts. As she sits to eat Itza wonders when she will be able to return to the station or if once again she will have to make her life in another universe.

A few months later Itza had advanced enough to be allowed to join Ylria on missions. The first one they went on was eradication an ork infestation on a world that was formerly an eldar controlled planet. They touched down some miles away from the main ork encampment. The orks were currently busy with the humans that had settled the planet in the absense of the eldar. “Good at least the Mon-keigh are useful for something” Ylria says. She orders Itza to take a group of dire avengers and scout the area around them.

Itza does as she asked and leads them on a scouting mission. She knows that as much as she resembles them and despite their actions towards her that many of them have their reservation about her. Not to mention that many of them are opposed to her being trained by Ylria to become a farseer. She understands to a point, she has not experienced the path of the warrior nor the seer yet Ylria wants to make her a farseer, most likely seeing how her power could be used to do help the craftworld. Still this was the path she was on and she was going to make the most of it. Itza and the dire avengers under her command find several hidden paths within the jungle. She informs Ylria of this via telepathy.

Ylria responds by telling her to attack the orks threatening the human settlement using the hidden paths to take them by surprise. Itza is a little taken back and asks why. Ylria explains that if the humans loose toomany settlments too quickly they will withdraw early and not be of much use in fighting the green skins. She leads her forces within the paths. Along the way Itza tries using the warp to see into the future. She realizes that the humans will bring their warriors, the astra militarum. Regardless she continues and soon enough they get to the battle field. She orders her troops to ready for the attack and using the warp tries to predict the way the greenskins will react.

Their attacks are swift and merciless and under her leadership the orks did not stand a chance. They are cut down before they can regroup and before the humans noticed what was going on the orks had been smashed and Itza with her forces had long gone. She eagerly returned to Ylria to tell her of her victory. Ylria was not pleased however “I know what you did, you did not do a good job of hiding it. You are not a farseer yet and until such a time when i am certain that you are ready you will not try to peer into the future. Do it again and I will execute you myself. Now go back to the craftworld”. Itza bowed her head and obeyed. She returned feeling defeated to the craftworld. There she continued studying the eldar webway portals, seeing their potential in returning her to the station.

By now It had been five years since Itza had ended up in this universe. She was nearly done with her training, even Ylria had acknowledged that she was close to being able to become one herself. All the while she was training she was also studying their technology to try to find a way to return to the station. She realized that something of the warp had interfered when she tried to use her magic to show John the Dreaming. She realizes that perhaps something was lurking in the station. A daemon and she needed to protect John from it, or at least identify it so Apollyon could deal with it. So far her tinkering was fruitless and she couldn’t find out why.

During one meditation session however she found a clue. She could feel the echos of other realities within the imaterium and she resolved to find a way to use it to return. She was building a modification to the eldar webway that would allow her to use the warp to slingshot back to her reality. All she did was in secret as she was sure that the eldar would not approve of her modifications or the fact that she wished to leave. Still she worked on, not in the least that working on machines still relaxed her. She had worked on this device for the better part of half a year and it was nearly ready. She finished up the last of the device’s circuits and it was ready to be tested, only problem was that it could only be tested once. Failure was not an option as it most likely meant death.

A few weeks later she was certain that the device would work. She attached the device to to her nightwing and flew of to the webway portal. She ignored their warnings and took off. Her modified craft was faster than theirs. She quickly reached the portal and activated the device using her powers. The contraption caused interference with the portal and sent her not into the webway but deep into the warp. The effects where not permanent and once she was in the warp the portal returned to normal. She pushed into the deep of the warp surrounded by mist hoping to find the station on the otherside. She kept going until a flash enveloped the ship and she was in space again. She could see the planet Soteria but not the station. “Just what the hell happened here?” Itza asks herself.

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