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We all get inspired by something. I’m going to start doing a regular thing where anyone who wants to can write between 1 and 2 paragraphs on an image, video, music, or text that is posted here. The text doesn’t have to be a story, a role play, or anything other than it must be inspired by the prompt. The text can be as light, dark, erotic, or benign as a person wants it to be just keep it to between 1 and 2 paragraphs.

Winter Scene

The old man didn’t want to disturb those in the home but he saw the lights in the windows. Somehow he’d made it through the night in the cold, it was a shame to track fresh footprints into the peaceful surface of the snow. It was as if the snow was for shadowing how he knew he would disrupt the lives of those inside. The cold was bitter and he was hungry, so hungry. There was little choice but to approach and knock on the door.

It was cold, as small girl approached hut. She was wet from snow, and hungry. She looked through lit window, and saw man in trenchcoat inside. Slighty scares she walked to door and slowly knocked. The man opened door, holding revolver, seeing small girl man smiled creepily and invited her inside to take shelter for night.

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A cabin alone and near the woods of the nowy landscape. Personally built for someone by professionals and kept in records, or built from a small team of people wanting a house alone and far away from others as a sort of hideout for themselves. Or, perhaps, it was built and kept in records, and then forgotten.

The situations of the past and origin story of a lonely cabin in the middle of nowhere doesn’t matter. What matters is, choose wisely whether you approach the door and knock or not

The land was cold and snowy where it had been balmy before. Still he pressed on despite the changes. That is when he spots the cabin in the middle of the woods. It was a sight he was neither expecting nor wanting to see. It was an omen of bad things. It meant that it was more unstable than he originally thought and time was of the essence. He tries walking around it but something is messing with euclidean geometry. Like a black hole all of his world lines are pointing to the cabin and no matter what he does it will bring him there eventually. No, he can’t get sidetracked but how can he escape from this? Now he stops in front of the door looking at it’s inviting and warm texture. In his rational mind he knows he should be afraid but he does not feel fear only anticipation. He opens the door…

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“See all of this son?”

“Yes Papa?”

“One day, when I am gone, these hills will be yours”

“Why Papa?”

There was a gravelly crunch of snow has the carriage horse behind them moved its hooves in the freshly fallen snow. The old man pondered for a moment on deep thought looking out upon the valley, his near transparently pale son looking eagerly up to him.

“Because my father, his before him, and many before that have slain those who tried to take it from us. Don’t forget that”

“Yes Papa”

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