Injuries That They Themselves Procure (Open, Sickbay, Nimbus)

This is a continuation of the thread Unknown Lands. This thread takes place after STALKERs are beamed to the station, Veriny has been taken to the sickbay and is in the middle of surgery.

The group of children are taken to the station, an advocate from the Serenity Concord is brought in to speak with them and disgusted at the restraints, ordering them to be removed. Security complies and they are placed in a small ward of Sickbay to be treated for injuries while Veriny is being treated herself.

Not long after, Indra – having been ordered to do so – arrives in sickbay and is being treated for his wounds and he can clearly overhear the talking of the child advocate. He would immediately notice that such a thing did not exist when he was spliced in, but apparently does not. She’s talking to one of the nurses about the barbarism of handcuffing children, clearly appalled.

Ok, so @Spartan_889 and @Red_the_heretic, you are both free to have the kids wake up or decide what happens with Veriny from here, though if you don’t I will provide such details myself, so either way is fine. Anyone else may join.

Indra growled as his wounds were treated, he had already told Aki he’d be there to help out with this supposed mobile suit girl and it pissed him off that Amber had ordered him to get checked up at the sickbay. On any other day Indra would’ve pushed someone away and told them to fuck off and he was fine but he had just taken seven bullets for the girl, A sign of loyalty and hopefully trust to those at Solas Tempus and most of all his way of showing them he wouldn’t hesitate to risk his life for his employers.

While Indra sat through his treatment he looked over to this advocate and ponder who the hell she was and why the fuck she was talking about cuffing those damned STALKERs. It was obvious she didnt hear what the fuck they did to him and it pissed him off greatly

'They were cuffed under my orders after they fucking shot me!"

he yelled out angrily at the advocate as he attempted to get away from those treating him so he could walk up to the woman and continue his yelling

The nurse looks at Indra, “Stop screaming in Sickbay please.” she frowns at him. The Advocate comes over to Indra then, “So you’re the one who cuffed them?” she asks angry but then looks him over, “Oh…” she frowns, “You’re Indra, aren’t you?” she asks looking to be an entirely different place now that she recognizes him.

“Fuck sorry shit!” He says to the nurse as he walks straight up to the advocate and growls “Yeah I am what of it?” He then pauses when she says his name “you know me?”

The nurse nearly throws her hands up, “Sir, you have to sit still if we’re going to heal these properly, now Sit Down!” She looks at the Advocate who studies Indra for a moment, “I read about your arrival, and where you come from, I guess it makes sense why you put them in cuffs.” She moves over, “They are all still in shock, I don’t suppose you’d have any insight into what they feel like, appearing here and all?”

“I’ll sit down when I’m done talking! Indra yells at the nurse as he turns back to the advocate
“You read about me? What the hell why? Also yeah I know why their shocked, they’re in a new universe and just fought us and saw teleportation for the first time I think”

Many rooms away from where Indra, the Nurse, and advocate are was one of the many Patient rooms of the station. Designed reminiscent to that of the 21st Century rooms with a mix of the current century designs and aesthetics along with today’s technology in order to achieve maximum comfort for the recovering patient. It was designed to be large enough to accommodate four patients at the same time and equipped with the basic necessities for them to feel comfortable.

In three of the four beds lay a single individual, each of them being sixteen years old teenagers lying in their beds asleep, they’re once dirt and sweat-riddled bodies were pristine, they’re hair which was once messy, rough and caked in mud was now clean and smooth. Next to each of their beds was what seems to be a hybrid medical monitoring machine of sorts with lines and wires connecting specifically to their right forearms monitoring their vitals ranging from heartbeat, blood pressure and more etc.

Though specifically one of the machine sensors next to one of the patients started to detect a sudden spike in brain activity and heart rate and increase blood pressure indicating the person was suffering from a nightmare of sorts. Soon the patient was now mumbling incoherently, though five minutes passed as the girl was now frantically tossing and turning within the sheets of her bed, her mumbling increasing by the seconds in volume and emotion while her breathing becomes more erratic.

Until now.

“VERNIY!!!” Barfleur screamed out, shooting out from her pillow wide-eyed with horror in her eyes. Cold sweat traveled down her from her forehead and the back of her neck down to her lower back.

She looks around her new surroundings frantically, her mind trying to figure out where she ended up but ended up pausing as she caught sight of the form of Zwei sleeping in her own medical bed next to hers along with Teruzuki who was opposite of her.

And next to her was an empty bed hauntingly reminded her of someone.

“Verniy…” She said to herself in a low voice, now looking down at the soft white sheets of her blanket, the bangs of her auburn hair overshadowing her face. Recent memories of what transpired hours ago resurface in the bowels of her mind.

She gripped tightly on her blanket tightly like a lifeline, her lips quivering as her emotions bubbled out of her control, hot tears were now forming and dripping onto the white sheet of her blanket staining it with wet salty tears. Barfleur chokes back a sob with sorrow welling up deep inside her heart to the point it proved too much for her to handle alone. As a result, she rested her face against both her palms letting out an anguished cry of immense sorrow.

Verniy was gone. The girl she grew up with, loved and happily married too was gone. Taken away by that strange beam of light that left no trace of the wolf girl she loved so dearly. Not even her S.T.A.L.K.E.R tag which is considered the most sacred object to each of them was left behind. And so she continued mourning for the supposed death of her wife, not caring if anyone were to catch her crying her anguish heart out.

The nurse actually just grabs his by the shoulders with an impressively firm grip and yanks him brutally hard down onto the bed, “I will not as you again, DO NOT make me SEDATE you!”

Meanwhile the Advocate says, “You can continue to be angry and unpleasant or you can help me calm them down. So which is it?”

The Nurse was monitoring them closely and was already on her way to the room when she heard the first shout, she waved for an orderly to assist her, in case she had to restrain the kid, or kids. To her that is what they were, children, young adults perhaps, but really still children. She had personally gotten them cleaned up, combed their hair… She was older, grey hair, some unknown umberof decades on the job, and they had reminded her of her own children a long time ago when they were sick. Particularly, the one who was screaming sounded like once of her children. Her heart went out to them, the second cry came and both her and the younger orderly entered the room, she kneeled down while the orderly checked to see if the others were still asleep.

“Shh… Shh… It’s ok, you’re safe, it’s ok.” She realized something and knew about the one who was beamed in directly to surgery, that must be her friend, “You’re friend is in surgery, the doctors are trying their best to save her, but she’s not dead.” If she’s allowed to she holds the kid like her own child lied to be held, the woman could be mistaken for frail but there was nothing frail about her strength. She didn’t force it but she had yet to find the sobbing child that didn’t want a hug.

Indra grunts and groans as the nurse grabs him and slams him back down onto the bed “HEY! Watch the arm damnit! That shit hurts! Fine I’ll sit down just calm down and let me talk…also pleas hurry if you can…I need to help Aki”

He the turns to the advocate
“Forgive my rudeness, my file should say something on that…but anyways I don’t think I can help you calm them down”

During the midst of her heart wrenching state, Barfleur didn’t even notice the door of the room slide open giving way to a pair of nurses who entered the room to check what was happening only to find the British girl crying her heart out in sorrow. She didn’t care anymore, she didn’t care if they saw her crying, she didn’t care if they were here to finish her off and her other spouses. She was ready to welcome death’s embrace as it is.

She didn’t even notice that the elderly nurse was by her side trying to comfort her until she heard the Nurse voice trying to comfort her saying that Verniy was alive and undergoing surgery.

'Lies.’ She thought venomously, her cynical mind telling Barfleur what the Nurse was saying were all lies to comfort her. She would’ve have kept quiet and continued on crying but she was too overwhelmed with her current emotions where she verbally lashes out at the Nurse.

“Lies! All lies!” She spat back vehemently, her tear stained face revealed to the nurse to see. Red puffy eyes glaring hatefully at the elderly nurse. “She’s gone! My wife is dead! Vaporised in my hands with no trace not even her tags! She’s dead!”

Barfleur chokes back another sorrowful sob. “Just stop with your lies and be done with it. Just kill me so that I can join her.”

The nurse looks at her, and then says, “How about I show you?” she pulls over a computer display on a swinging tray that is attached to the wall… Tapping a control it comes on, then she pulls out her own PADD and taps that screen a few times before it comes alive showing a live feed from the surgical bay, clearly it is Verniy, 3 doctors and a handful of nurses are working on her but her skin is flush, she’s on a bypass machine and full life support, but she certainly doesn’t appear dead. “Doctors are repairing the damage to her heart. If she hadn’t been beamed here when she was, she’d probably be dead by now. I can’t promise anything, that it will work, that she won’t still die but we’ve got some of the best doctors in known space here, and a top of the line cardio thoracic surgeon. No one is going to kill you.”

Barfleur couldn’t help but feel a sense breathlessness at the sight before her. It was her wife Verniy undergoing some sort of surgery to save her life and repair the damage in her left lung. Slowly, she outstretch her right hand to the PADD, gingerly touching the glass surface as her face was frozen in shock.


The PADD beeped a bit, but nothing happened. The nurse just let her watch, “I know it isn’t ok to see someone you love get so hurt, but we’re trying to save her.” She says and lets it all sink in.

The nurse at this point doesn’t overly care what Indra says but she’s going to finish treating the boy if she has to put him under force field restraints. Fucking children is all she can think to herself. Meanwhile, the advocate looks at Indra, “Well you appeared out of nowhere with military hardware too, surely you all must have something in common right?”

‘She fucking shot me lady…no way in hell do I wanna talk to her…but yeah I guess we could have something in common Dunno…I doubt it’s anything that’ll help’

“How long?” She asked. Still staring at the live feed of Verniy’s surgery. How long have they been doing surgery on her?"

The woman looks Indra over and then silently decides on her tact, “You’re really the best qualified Indra, you’ve been here how long and really, we haven’t asked a lot of you. I’m asking for your help, so I’m going to head in there and try to make some lemonade out of these lemons, they are scared, tired, and expecting someone to attack them at any moment. Your call, help me or don’t.” She shrugs, “I believe you can, but it isn’t about what I believe, it is about what you can prove, isn’t it?”

With that she walks off. Finally, the nurse looks at Indra, “Alright you little shit, I’ve got you patched up, so don’t tear yourself open again or next time you come in here for help, I’ll personally sedate you and ask around for if we need a pin cushion to help test how to start IV lines, got it?” She is obviously really angry at Indra for his attitude and not holding the fuck still.

“About 45 minutes or so now. Her injuries were severe, without whatever that rock you put in the wound did, she’d be dead already. The surgeon noted how many injuries she has had in the past, all the scar tissue, she’s tough, very tough.” She looks at the girl again while the social worker approaches from where Indra was, with that the Nurse backs up a bit, “She’s tough so we’ll fight for her, until there is no more fighting to do.” She smiles, and the social worker looks over everyone, not interrupting and sort of waiting to see what Indra is going to do.

“I highly doubt I’m the best qualified…I’m just some orphan space rat…nothing that important…I’ve got men still on the ground back there and a battle that needs to be one…but since you’re probably in some way related to my employers…I help”

Indra says as he stares as he gets up to follow her, sending a message to Aki that he’ll be a bit late. He then turns to the nurse and winks

“Love you attitude~” is all he says before leaving