In the Heart of the Reich (Short[?] Story)

Takes place a long time before Elizabeth was spliced to the RP

“Hey…you ready?”

Elizabeth nodded, readying her rifle; The sound of gears turning, hydraulics doing their work, and weaponry drowned out the sounds of conversation inside the drop ship, Elizabeth grabbed on to the handle hanging from the ceiling.


Gravity disappeared for a few seconds, and the sound of engines roaring to life and any unsecured items hitting the floor was their confirmation: They had launched.

Elizabeth racked the charging handle, fixing her gear, she looked out the window, puffs of black smoke were a constant sight, along with the occasional burning drop ship; Streaks of smoke and flashes of light was the only source of light in the night sky.

The door gunners were holding down the triggers on their Gatling guns, the constant buzzing mixed with the roar of the engines; Outside, buildings exploded as missiles and high explosives met their mark, drop ships landed and offloaded their cargo, whether it be troops or tanks, on the streets of the city.

The last bastion of the Fascist Reich: Neinhil, on the planet of Zavrod.

“Dropping in 30 seconds.”

The announcement came over her headset, she made one last check of herself, before nodding. The engines roared to max power momentarily as the drop ship touched down, the ramp opened, and they were greeted with allies.

Their task was to enter the primary seat of power: A museum re-purposed as a building for the leader, Elizabeth spoke to the man from earlier as they got off the drop ship; “Don’t die today alright?”

The man chuckled; “Yeah, take care of my kids if I do.”

Android and Human chuckled as they readied themselves, getting off the drop ship and regrouping with the mix of special operations and GIs who were waiting for them.

“We’ve got heavy resistance up front! Enemy tanks have the Chancellery surrounded! We can’t get through!” A young soldier, somewhere around his 20s, shouted at them as they too, took cover behind a concrete slab, he was taking cover behind a slab of concrete, lying on his back. The young man was visibly terrified, he was in the middle of the street, and there wasn’t a shred of cover to his left and right, he was clutching his rifle to his chest.

Machine gun fire and tracers flew across the middle of the street, Elizabeth, being the absolute madwoman she is ran across the street and picked up the young Private, tossing him to the sidewalk, behind a destroyed tank.

Using her comms, she spoke; “Kestrel, requesting fire support at area Lima-Alpha 2-4-8, we’ve got the entire Holstein Army over here.”

A few seconds of silence, then she got her reply.

“Franco 3-3, target confirmed, initiating fire sequence.”

Just outside the city, a large rectangular ship was heading towards the city at cruising speed, point-defense weapons, artillery guns, missiles, and generally the entire ship was firing every single one of it’s weapons.

The Heavy Combat Support Ship Kestrel, hull number CSS-6, 6th ship of it’s type, and a veteran of the 30 year long war between the Holstein Reich and the Coalition forces, the ship had made a name for itself, being the only known survivor of Task Force 3 during the Defense of Soltava-3, where 400 ships of the Coalition Forces held back more than 56 Holstein Fleets, totaling more than 50,000 in numbers, for 3 days as the planet was evacuated.

The ship became legend, continuing the defense alone even when only one gun turret was left functioning, holding off the 3rd Holstein Fleet long enough for the last transport ship to warp to safety; Before it too, warped to safety.

It was the only ship to continue fighting from the beginning all the way to the present, the end of the war.

The forward gun turrets, 8 guns in two turrets, 4 guns each, aimed upwards, aiming at their target.

The thunder of eight 21-inch Artillery guns shattered the night sky, guided high explosive shells cut through the air, flying in a beautiful arc.

Elizabeth crouched as all 8 shells hit their mark, the shockwave was honestly too much for the average person to handle, before they could advance, a drop ship landed and set down it’s cargo in the middle of the street.

A tank, a 90 ton steel beast, the design was akin to that of the Leopard 2A6 from the 21st Century, the primary difference being the larger gun and longer and wider hull.

“This is Hammer 2-3, heard you guys needed back up.”

“Thanks for the assist 2-3, we’re gonna advance through the middle and go right through the Chancellery door, how’s that sound?”

A chuckle, “Sounds good to me 3-3, move with us, our sats are picking up a lot of hostiles.”


“Franco Squad advancing.”

Elizabeth and her squad lined up behind the tank, the 130mm gun and co-axial machine gun firing ever so often, picking off targets one by one, Franco Squad picking off anything that got to the side of the tank.

Before they could get across the street however…


The announcement came over her headset, repeating once, twice, thrice, Elizabeth looked at her commanding officer, and nodded, Franco Squad hopped on top of the tank, without even looking, the tank reversed, running over an unfortunate Holstein Soldier, using it’s momentum, it turned around, and drove through the streets at top speed, drop ships landed anywhere, picking up whoever that was an ally.

Lucky for them, two drop ships came, Franco Squad hopped off the tank as the first drop ship picked up the 90 ton slab of metal, the second drop ship picked them up, flying away at top speed.

It wasn’t enough however, a bright flash of light over the horizon, Elizabeth could only guess that it was the nuclear devices detonating. The shockwave was visible as it travelled through the air and ground, the Android held on to the handle as the drop ship was sent into an uncontrollable spin, electronics on board shut down as the EMP hit, the Android, having been built to withstand EMPs, didn’t feel it.

The last thing she saw before they hit the ground was her CO being flung out the backdoor.





[System Start…]

Elizabeth opened her eyes, she was lying face down on the floor of the drop ship, crawling towards the rear, she could several more drop ships had crashed near them, and there weren’t any signs of life anywhere.

As soon as she managed to get outside, she tried to stand up, somehow successfully managing to, she looked to her right.

A playground.

Glancing to her left, she saw a Holstein Soldier crawling towards her, begging for help, the ugly armband with the swastika on his left arm convinced her otherwise.

She reached for her holster, relieved that it was still there, and shot the soldier, blood and brain matter scattering as his a part of his head exploded.

Grunting, she walked off, limping, ignoring the damage to her right leg.

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