In the hands of Fate

Itza sits in her ship thinking. Flask is in her workshop asking for forgiveness and he would need to go through a trail to prove his loyalty. The question in her mind was, ‘what could he do to restore her trust in him’. She jumps off the ship and lands on the floor. Fenix joins her as she goes up to Flask. “Well you should know that what you have to do is especially dangerous, I’ll be sending you to the deep dreaming to fetch something for me. The danger isn’t what lurks there, the danger will be the time you spend there. The longer in the deep dreaming the greater the chance you will never return, lost in a the world of dreams. Having heard all this, do you still feel up for it?”

Flask didn’t want this cycle of hatred and distrust to go on for any longer between him and Itza, and ever since he met Itza on the same day for the first time in forever, he wanted her trust back as soon as possible. And though he wasn’t able to ask before due to him meeting her was sudden, along with him being nervous over the suddeness, this time was different. This time he had a fire burning in him to do whatever it took (hell he ripped his own damn jaw off over anger and shame towards himself over it)
“Whatever it takes. Tell me what to retrieve and I’ll retrieve it” Flask says with as much passion and determination in his voice as he could muster

“I need you to get the quicksilver mirror. Remember the object its self is not important what is important is the act of redemption but that redemption does require you to bring back the mirror.” She goes to her gate device and turns it on. The device creates a sphere of energy that connects the real world to the dreaming. She then digs through her belongings before finding the lantern she made a few weeks after arriving on the station and tosses it to Flask. “The light from the lantern will guide you back but to you must find it on your own. This baby has custom made batteries that store my magical energy, with its current reserve it has enough juice for a couple of days. However, time in the dreaming can be slower or faster than in the real world. You have been warned.”

Flask catches the lantern and listencs closeley to his instructions. They seemed simple enough: Go into the Dreaming, get thr mirror, and head back. But Flask knew that it would be anything but easy, so he threw those thoughts out of his head as soon as he could
"I get that, and I choose to ignore that warning" Flask then steps up to the sphere of a portal, but doesn’t go theought it. He keeps his head focused on it and stands there “I’m ready”

She motions to the portal “Enter and begin your trial” the sphere of energy now looks like a polished surface except it is reflecting someplace else. The place, if Flask chooses to pay attention, is an ever-changing land complete with floating pieces of land.

Well Flask can’t see, so he doesn’t know what the inside looked like, even though he was focusing on the portal.

His confidence didn’t change. He didn’t even need a preperation breath, as he steps into the sphere, preparing for anything the trial may have in store for him. All he says befofe he enters is “This will not stop me” and after that, he’s gone into the Dreaming with Itza’s lantern

Flask is transported to the deep dreaming where the very ground seems moving and alive. behind him the quiet hum of the portal. Many different sounds and smells surround the undead alchemist, rocks, boulders, continents colliding with each other. If he remembered the last time he was in the dreaming he was in a dungeon maze in the layout of blazing umbra. This was someplace different, it had open air and it smelled like the ocean, a rain-forest and a desert all at the same time. Through all this he would be able to hear a metallic clang every once in a while. The sound would emanate from the right of Flask.

Flask would feel all of the environements as well as the metal sound being made in the distance. He decides to go investigate it because he knew that was all he could do. Itza left him on his own to find the mirror, the lantern only guides him back, and he sure as hell didn’t know what to do to find it. Maybe the clanging could have been a guide. Maybe the clanging could have been a lure into a trap… who knows it was all he could do as his beginning action

As Flask approached the the sound it seemed to grow fainter, as if it was moving away from him. Flask would also be able to hear rocks and boulders smashing together to form the ground beneath him. He would as well notice the sounds of creatures moving about at least 30 feet away in all directions.

Flask took note of everything going on around him, and turned away from the direction he was chasing the metal sound in
"So this place is trying to fuck with my head huh? I’m not gonna let it do that so easily"
Flask says as he then begins to walk off in the direction of which he entered this place. He wonders on and only goes to a sound or feeling that may be significant in his mind

The sound of metallic clanging stops and the ground beneath Flask’s feet goes from a rocky hard surface to sand. In the distance seagulls can be heard and Flask would feel the occasional splash of the waves. This time the clang would be replaced by a siren’s song. It would come from far in front of Flask. In addition the sound of landmass forming and breaking up would be gone and he would feel the heat of a tropical sun.

Flask stops in place as he senses the land around him changing, and begins to wonder what’s going on

“Now why did this happen. It changed from landmassed colliding on eachother to a tropical beach… What the hell is causing this?”

He ponders this as he continues to walk forward to the siren singing, not caring if he actually reaches it or if the setting changes before he raches it…

He pondered. How does the setting change? It has nothing to do with his mind, he wasn’t thinking of these settings. Is there an external souce doing this? Is it what others are thinking nearby for the realm relevant to the real world? Is there someone else doing this? Flask thought about this aloud to himself as he walked on

During Flask’s ponderings the siren song had stopped and a voice spoke out from the direction of the ocean. “hello stranger, what brings you here?” she lays a few yards from him in the water. The tropical sun seems to be setting as he can no longer feel its oppressing heat. From the gentle sea breeze he would be able to smell smoke from wood burning. The scent would fill him with many feelings, camaraderie, joy, innocent fear, heart wrenching sorrow.

Flask kept walking on, and as he heard the siren’s voice, he stopped once he got to her, and looked down. However on his short walk to her, the scent filled his head with a mix of many emotions. It felt really wierd, but he was able to ignore it all and focus on what he would say to the siren. He looked down to her and spoke up
"I’m looking for a relic called the Quicksilver Mirror. I need it for a friend, so mind telling me where I can find it…" Flask then looked up and turned his head slowly at his surroundings “If you really CAN say where anything is in this place”

“on a quest are you?” the siren says “well i don’t know where it is, but i can give you this piece of advice. When a child asks why does the sun rise and set tell him that it’s because in this world there is no light without darkness.” She would then go back to singing. The noise from the sea breeze hitting dense vegetation would indicate that there is a forest next to beach. Again a metallic clanging would be heard, this time coming from the forrest.

Flask listened to what the siren said before she went back to singing. He heard the clinging again and turned around to chase after it without a word. As he ran, he mumbled to himself
"Don’t be a fucking illusion this time!"
Flask ran to it and into the forest. Hopefully this time the clanging would not run away from him as he chased after it

The sound would not flee away from flask but he would find it difficult to pass through the forest from the dense foliage. Eventually when flask reached the sound he would be greeted by a blacksmith in the middle of the forest. The blacksmith looks at flask before saying in a angry tone “if yer looking for weapons or armor don’t bother. I no longer make those things, so turn around an go back from where ye came from.”

Flask kept his head fixated on the blacksmith as he talked, and sighed quietly
"Just a blacksmith huh? I’m not looking for anything to be made, but if you can I’d like some directions to a certain artifact. It’s called the Quicksilver Mirror and I’m looking for it for a friend. Think you can tell me where I can find it?"
While Flask was talking, he was wiping off any thingg he got on his armor and/or skin: thorns dirt, ect.

The blacksmith laughs “A mirror? Listen boy I’m a blacksmith not a whitesmith. Asking me for a mirror just goes to show how much you know.” He finishes shaping the iron and puts his tools down on a table “So tell me lad, why are you looking fer this mirror?” the forest becomes quiet, eerily quiet.

Flask would show his teeth, while at the same time him making a ‘tch’ sound at what the balcksmith first said. But once he asked the question, he decided to respond with more than just a sound from his mouth
"Well I need it for a friend, they’re putting me kn a trial for their trust. I broke their trust after doing something extremely stupid and I’m looking for it as an act of redemption. No idea where it is, and I may end up losing myself in here forever, but I really don’t care at this point…“
Flask paused for a bit, not looking anywhere since well… he was blind there’d be no point in turning his head anywhere, he just kept staring at the blacksmith before responding
"Well I better be going, I’m on a time limit for this” Flask said as he then began to walk off into the woods, but still on the edge of the forest bewteeen it and the beach, since the mirror was most likely on land. He would stop if the blacksmith had something to add, but if he didn’t, Flask would be off