In Nomine Patris (open ended)

All was quiet in the old tavern known as Finnegan’s, it was late and not very many people were in at the time. This was of course not to last, in a brilliant blue flash another splice deposited another innocent victim into this universe. She looks around at where she was, clearly she was no longer in the holy library of Vatican city. She was not a combat Engel but she was still able to defend herself because of her superior abilities. She gripes her staff with two hands as she gets into a defensive stance. Her wings fold a bit to allow her to swing the staff more freely if she needs to. “where am I!” she demands with a thick polish accent.

Farrier the warlock gaurdian had been in the tavern with the young Angelos boy know as Takumi. He had been very interested in him after learning of his stutter and such, when the spliced opened he drew his rat king and aimed it at the new entry
“Calm down there miss”

She points her staff at the warlock. “I will not be calm, I am not longer in Vatican city what sort of sorcery is this!” Her armor rattled when she turned to the warlock. The floor would groan as well. She was clearly very heavy with a lot of mass. “Who are you and where am i? I will not repeat myself”!

“You were brought here through a magic force known as the splice, I am Farrier the Warlock”

He spoke his voice calm as Takumi walked over

She turns to Takumi now as he walked over, she was still in her defensive stance and is not yet calm. She grips her staff tightly and looks at both of them now. She feels very vulnerable in this place surrounded by people. Thinking fast she hooks a table onto her spear and chucks it at the warlock and the boy before she starts to run the other way towards the exit and out of the tavern into the halls of the station.

Farrier sighs as he slashes the table in two with his flaming sword ability before motioning Tak to stay as he chased after the unknown woman

She keeps running at a fairly fast rate of twenty five miles per in her armor. She is frantically looking for any exit that would give her more mobility. She kept moving without really knowing where she would end up but she does notice the warlock chasing after her.

Farrier continues to chase after the girl constantly watching her every movement prepared to a stop her if needed

She runs through the people present in the hall. She doesn’t try to harm them but she also isn’t telling them to move and she causes many people to fall and pushes others into the the walls of the hall. She is running towards the hangar by know though she didn’t realize it.

Farrier apologized to everyone as he ranby, eventually he tapped his comms and called for security assistance from taks family if possible

She keeps going until she gets to the fighter hangar and stops for a moment. She looks around to where she is, feeling overwhelmed at the flying contraptions that surrounded her. For a moment she is distracted by this sight for only a moment before she looks back if the warlock was still chasing her and goes to hide behind one of the fighters.

Farrier rushes in and comes to a halt as John and his sons along with Apollyon arrive

“Miss please come out, we aren’t going to hurt you”

Farrier spoke

“I don’t trust you” she says strapping down her bag and opening her wings to start flying away from them. Before she takes off they would see the wind blowing from her flapping her wings which would give away her position. Since she was busy securing her things she was open for an attack.

“Dust her now!”
John yelled out as he and his men took aim and fired stun rounds at the woman

“Don’t kill her Angelos!”

Farrier yelled as he watched ready to help the woman

She falls over as the stun rounds hit her but she is able to hold herself up on her staff not completely stunned and still holding onto consciousness. She struggles to even keep her grip on her staff “What trickery is this!”

The Angelos rush forward and take positions as Apollyon walks over brandishing his sword and shield

You’ve been hit by stun rounds…

The black armored clad giant spoke as he stared the woman down with his blood red eyes

She falls onto her knees glaring at the space marine. She strains in her breathing mostly from trying to move despite the stun rounds. “You won’t win the other Engel will avenge me”

Avenge what…you being taken to jail…

Apollyon asked as he stabs his sword into the ground and stares at her while John walks over with cuffs

“You dare send a servant of god to jail? You have…” she smacks onto the ground as she finally succumbs and passes out

“What’s a servant of god to a nonbeliever”
John muttered as he cuffed her before stripping her off any and all weapons she had and taking her off to the brig