In Need of a Prophecy

As everyone knows, I have been trying to pull together the other settings. For the Embers of Soteria setting, I am in need of a prophecy to shape how the RP is going to go, so I’d like to get any ideas that anyone has.

“And in the eye of darkness, terror will rise. Agents of evil will consume the mortal world, burning vilages, killing innocent, breaking peoples’ will, empires falling as it arrives. It has happened and shall happen again, Dovakin will come. Soon after a shrine of light will only be remaining, but shrine will be weak, easily corrupted, and darkness know about it”

readed by ks0908 with dark voice with thunders in background

Not bad, not bad at all. I’m going to go with something longer, similar to the Prophecies of the Dragon from the Wheel of Time, which are spread throughout the books in tidbits, often out of order. Scholars in the books are never quite sure what they mean and so they provide an interesting backdrop causing the reader to predict along the lines of the text what each one means. In one particular case, it leads Rand (the main character, the Dragon Reborn, the person who the prophecies are about) to believe that he is going to die but that he will save the world and the price of that will be his death.

This leads him to make some interesting choices as the books go on that would otherwise be hard to explain.

In this context, I’d like to explore something similar, and provide a backdrop to guide the path of role play. Certainly there is going to be some dark element, but there should also be lighter parts too.

I could try to create more of them, and using that “back drop” so you would be able to scatter them around in some order of your thinking

Also, it might be nice if prophecies wouldn’t be set before using them, but change as actions in world happen.

just small addon to test if i can rhyme on at least basic level
"2 times it happend
3 time it will happen
Darknes upon, chaos at gate
Fight you can try, but fail you will
One and only hope remains
Will it remain pure
Or will chaos break it
Ultimate price is met
But who shall pay it?"

Well it isn’t all on you, just looking for ideas, you know? So the oncoming storm is a good idea, the return of some lost or ancient god-like figure is another great idea. I also like the idea of the cycle, that this has happened before and will happen again. Darkness descending, probably put something in there about the light too.

“darkness is here, fight lost seem, vilages of ashes, vilager of bones only, swords long rusty after falling of brave knight hand, but hope is last to dissapear, and hope shall not fall untill shrine of light dissapear.
Like sun rises, getting brighter the more it is in the sky, shrine of light gets more and more light in it, it shall not be in purgatory, but stright from garden of life, garden almost impossible to acces, for both mortal and chaotic, you can go, save shrine, or let it save itself. good still fight back, ries to resist and push darkness away, but they will not succeed alone, help they need will. Servants of chaos search source, the shrine, but find it easy they will not, Since even they, not matter how demonic and powerfull, can’t be at once here and there”

My writting is hard enough to understand when i don’t try to make it complicated, i don’t even have to force myself to bable with some weird words, since that how i always write xD