I'm making it my job to?

Death is so tiring, you have to make sure you build in time for snacks. Somehow, I am reminded of this.


you made my evening

Think of how it was to be here in America during that. Thinking, and feeling, like the US military should roll up on them and exterminate with extreme prejudice for taking over a federal building in Oregon. Then realizing that the government did a good job of letting them just fizzle themselves out. To do otherwise would have made them martyrs to a cause, a non-existant cause - but still.

It was very surreal.

well then.

My idea for drems death is something about saving… like saving someone from death, but she dies for it… dunno



hahhegehehe im a troll

kitara wasn’t very happy wwhe he died
same as many other people
one was even sad ooc xD
(not talking about me)

I wasnt very sad xD poor babe tho

not talking about you either :stuck_out_tongue:

Shut up weeb get on mt level scrub

you can’t tell me to shut up
it’s rude :frowning:

Screw you xD scrub:3rd_place_medal:

i sowwy i love you

I cri now, imma sad

Here have some burthday cake

At first k thought those are ice cream lol

XD ks i have a question…,

gets on one knee

Will you marry me?

Sorry, i already have eye on someone else breaks drem dreams hoping she’s not yandere

drem kills him kill,kill…kill…

I just recived notification about falgging post
I checked that to do mah work
I wasn’t really supprised seeing my post there

Shat up ks

Nobudy cars