I'm making it my job to?

I’m making it my job to make Drem dance with a polar bear.

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Drem’s still classified as alive?

I’m making it my job to have 30 polar bears splice in.

She’s alive if you want her alive. Remember? We voted on it before you came back, and you can still have Drem. Where would you put 30 polar bears?

Trueeee… OHOOHOHOHH Maybe she is just gonna sit on the side for now xD

30 polar bears…

the station is huge, splice em all in at once in finnegans? XD

I just imagined the Polar Bear from the Coca Cola commercials sitting at the bar with a whiskey talking about how nobody knows what they made him do.

Oh lord… that would be beautiful XD

The polar bear ideas backfired on you didn’t it?

I’m making my job to destroy Lance Ship. Using giant-Venator-shaped bullet

Oh,that’s just plain mean!

Rams Nemian with Venator rekt


I’m making it my job to… kill off drem cuz naomi is me main now >:3

We can arrange a nice a gruesome death for her. Ya know, if you’d like.

Haha, How should we do it??

Oh, something that fits her. Like, what are her quintessential qualities?

googles what quintessential means

well… uhh… Honestly im not too sure ^^;

Actually scratch my last job

I’m making my job to ram Lance ship with FREAKING BATTLESTAR

I heard kill someone, I’ll do it!

@Red_the_heretic’s schedule… Death death death death brief lunch death death death.

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you forgot about death to 4th degree of warp fuckery

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There’s a small snack in that schedule right after death

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