I’m coming home

OC: this will be a multi-part series that I write whenever I feel like it. I’ll most likely include 7-12 parts, Whenever I feel like doing so.
OC: The race, Axole, will only be used in this story unless someone asks me if they can use it.*

It was rare from the axole race to request Solas tempus’s help with an artifact. Drem confoscho instantly accepted it, as her team on the drakon was the best built for the mission’s requirements.

It was a week after they got back from being lost far back in the 15th century that they left for the planet. She’d requested that lance stay back, and he did.

Drem confoscho and her crew were welcomed with open arms on the planet axemenal, a planet identical to soteria and earth. The live on the earth was a few earth creatures, but mostly weird cross breed species. The artifact had lots of false, and bad information, so they discarded it, and headed off to the place that was supposedly where it was held.

The planet refused futuristic technology, and was set around the time of 2019, the most they had was a ship docking point on the mainland.

The group of ten people from the drakon took an airplane to the island, but it was not quite what they expected. It was a luxurious theme park. It was a crescent moon-shaped island, with a smaller circular star-shaped island in the middle. They were thrown off by this, but they let it be.

The group was stationed on a beach house, with three large boats, and a seaplane.

((To he continued because I’m lazy.))

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Three Months have passed.

No word from the crew has been heard, It was assumed that the mission would take up to three-Five months, but It was very worrying, as no reports had come.

The race that refused technology also refused communicator’s, and contact with the outside. This eventually set off alarm’s, and as the team had tried to race back to the drakon and home, they found they had no ability to start the ship. Hundreds of guard’s had been sent, but they had no idea what they had done wrong. Perhaps they’d broken some sort of rule?

The beach house had been invaded, Two of the boats gone, and the seaplane attached to the other boat. The group had taken this boat far out, as means to hide. This went for weeks long, before eventually drem and her crew decided something needed to be done. Although, it was too late to make a move.

The group began to huddle, and make a plan as to what they needed to do, there was only so much they could do. The drakon was soon to be destroyed, and they wouldn’t be able to get off this place.

The boat slowly headed to the side beach, part of the island that had already been searched.

OOC: I’m cancelling this due to disinterest and the idea being dead. Assume this ended however, the artifact was retrieved though.

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