Hydromians: A new race

A race of various sea creatures that were uplifted by an alien race with unknown technology. They are still a relatively new race but they developed rapidly, they have developed their own technology, medicine, entertainment, philosophy, society, culture, and even religion. They still require water to breath, and so have developed special suits to allow them to travel on non aquatic areas, and even space.


They live in a unique society governed by a council which is comprised of all of the different races that are part of their society. Each member of the council has a particular area of focus, they volunteer and are elected as officials, as the ‘wisdom of the Ancients’ warns about corruption among the people. Their society is remarkably free and they enjoy their freedoms, being allowed for the most part to govern themselves, according to the law. This has lead to a variety of advancements, allowing them to visit the surface world, and reach further to explore what is beyond their home-world.


Called Hydros, their home-world is a 95% water world, with a few small land masses distances apart. The underwater world is teeming with life of many varieties, while the land masses are slowly developing ecosystems of their own. There are hundreds of aquatic ecosystems, having a wide variety of depths in the ocean.


The Hydromian race is made up of multiple sea creatures that have been uplifted There are the Sharks, the Octos, and the Rays. Each race has their own unique skills and abilities which help them to work and live in harmony as a people.


as the name suggests, the sharks, resemble earth sharks, with the additions of arms, and legs.

The Sharks are the largest of the Hydromian races, they boast great strength and make excellent soldiers and generals. They can still enter into a bloodrage at the smell of blood which makes them fierce and dangerous. Many can be seen as pretty short tempered. While they have their physical prowess, there are some that choose to follow other paths than simply the path of war, like philosophy, science, engineering, and even art.


Octos resemble octopi from earth, there are some octos that still very closely resemble this appearance, however many of them have developed arms, and their bodies have changed over time to appear more humanoid. Their hair consists of additional tentacles that they can move as needed.

Octos have a large variety in their sizes and coloration. Many Octos are very intelligent, seeking learning and knowledge in as many varieties as they can. Octos can change their skin’s color to help them blend in, or sometimes it communicates their emotions at that time. They also have developed psychic abilities, which at the early stages of their growth, helped them greatly. now at times they still use their abilities they are however somewhat less reliant on them. Octos can be found in a wide variety of professions, including military. Some Octos may appear more like traditional octopi than others, the reason is unknown.


having some connections to stingrays from Earth, Rays have a human-like torso, and arms, but instead of hair, large wings flow from behind their head, allowing them to propel themselves forward, much like normal stingrays or manta-rays would. Their lower body, in in somewhat of a shape of a tail, except the end houses a dangerous stinger.

Rays are generally a fun loving species, Many of them balance out the other two races in whatever professional field they choose, sometimes the Rays are seen as the voice of reason between the two, and this makes them great in the fields of medicine, but they do great everywhere. Don’t get on their bad side though, their stings from their tail, while no longer toxic can put even an enraged Shark to sleep. Sometimes they are heard singing beautiful songs which brings a feeling of harmony to those who listen. They also can generate low level electric currents for self protection.


The Hydromian ships come in many varieties. All have specialized “waterLocks” and allow for both aquatic and space travel. These ships are filled with water, to allow the crew to survive without their specialized suits.

The ship designs use a lot of rounded edges mixed with a smooth exterior, a good deal of the craft can launch specialized multi-purpose drones as needed. Some could describe their ships as fish like. More information to come as is revealed.

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I love the idea of this being done through some unknown technology. I am imagining something like the Genesis Device but instead of remaking a whole world it gives a smattering of life forms on the planet the genetics for becoming sentient.

Could be the device that was used in the process.

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Well, no, but maybe someone’s bad copy of it. The only known Genesis Device to exist was detonated and it is a good bed tha Starfleet never let the designs out. I kind of like the idea of someone doing it badly and it ends up with all this aquatic life that is now sentient. What do you think? Accident or on purpose?

Both could have interesting results, maybe on accident would be good, it would make it a surprise to those who accidently caused it.

So that makes me wonder, are they exploring the galaxy to perhaps find their origins? The Hydromians that is.

There’s multiple reasons, the official reason is that they are seeking to find new worlds to colonize, the unofficial is to find other sentient beings and yes, find their origin. Although most would not admit the second reason.

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