Hunting Trouble before Trouble Hunts Us All (Anya and Edmond)

Some say that trouble finds certain people, and that it is inevitable that they will be found and pay for the crimes of their past. Others believe in some kind of karmic roadkill, where some people are fated to suffer so that others can learn. Edmond knew different, his grizzled face looking out from under his wide brimmed had, wearing this long trench coat concealing his, permitted, double barreled shotgun. As he cocks his head to the side watching as whores peddle their bodies on corners, looking at him as he passes their faces dead inside, eyes speak of the tortures of their souls while they shake their asses at him and invite him to enjoy a quick break from the hell-scape that is life. He doesn’t even bother to respond, the heat in his heart isn’t directed at him, but neither is his love by any means. No, even his lust is buried below his hate, burning like hot coals keeping him warm at night taking the place of a pretty girl laying next to him.

Shaking his head he continues into the heart of the city when he feels it. Attuned to magic now, far more than he ever thought possible before he fell from his former life. No, he could not possibly miss what that wave was, it was darkness, it was wrong. Los Angeles sat on a large well, as many major cities did, the ley lines themselves were upset at the magic that was just released into the world. He looked around again, trying to figure out where it was, stopping dead in his tracks. He nodded to himself pointing his head toward the exact source and breaking open the breach loading shotgun, he loads two fresh shells in the weapon and clicks it closed, after that he checks his Colt 45 and it’s all good. After that, he sends a text, he’s a freelancer, paid to hunt things but he gets a lot of work here in Los Angeles, thanks to whoever the crazy man is who has that compound outside the city. The guy said to send them a text if he notices something big going on, well, he did.

Edmond turned the corner and found a car, smashing the window in he unlocks the door and drives off toward the source, he’d be there soon, and he’d kill whatever it was.

The night started to come. No matter what, Los Angeles will kept it bright inside it’s heart. But it isnt bright like Las Vegas. The blonde haired woman, known as Anya Andersson, code name Benji, but known as ‘Amon’ had a nice night. Yet it seems it didn’t worry her what she did. Why should it have? New york used to be the same, ignored everything. Yet Anya have not seen the terrible punishment can happened if she cast something powerful.

Anya moved over toward the window to relax and look out. Summon a glass of wine to drink, move her night gown some to cover her body parts. No one couldn’t see inside her room or hear any noises. Thanks to her spell she cast the day she came there. But this night, she noticed nearby the road, a car pass by but stopped just outside the hotel. Her red and golden eye blinks some, sees this man which…look different. Maybe tired and need a place to stay for the night? Live she gives. People are people, she used to be human after all.

The man, Edmond, sits in his stolen car for a while and prepares himself, he’s got shotgun shells at his belt and checks them over, he’s got extra ammo for his colt there as well in some quick loaders for them. He gets out of the old car, straight out of the 1960’s, single long door slams shut behind him. Much like his own body, the cars rusted exterior and bad primer-gray paint job probably once was worth a lot of money and attracted the ladies when a young man drove it down the road of a small suburban neighborhood back in the day. He would have recalled his own life, back then as a young man but he put that past behind him. The past was weakness, weakness he couldn’t afford.

His long duster flared a bit behind him as he walked into the building at up the stairs, he didn’t draw his pistol or the shotgun, he just walked right in, alert to anything and everything he could hear… In fact, he let loose a minor spell of magic, to increase in senses in all ways - hearing, vision, touch, taste, smell, everything… He did not intend to be the one that died today, but he intended that someone would die today.

Edmond felt magic were used. Something lead him to the third floor. End of the hall way could he feel the present of the demon, someone strong. Someone that been around too long on the surface. Once Edmond comes to the door he would hear someone walk past the closed door, someone was inside. Anya would finish her glass of wine, move over to the small mini bar to place the glass on a plate to the cleaning team comes and get it. But tonight it just night, to relax. Just…something made her feel uneasy now, her red eye twitched and turn over to the door. Her head turns to look over it. Unknown why but she felt the spell were cast and broke hers. Her room sudden changes and going back to normal. The library office disappears and drops the books down to the floor. Edmond can hear the drop. Seems it’s easy to get in? No, the door is still locked. Anya moved away from the door, going further into the room, closer to the bed.

Edmond tried the door, but found it wasn’t yielding… He closed his eyes and listened carefully, taking an slow inhale to taste the air as he readied the shotgun. He was going to go in anyway but did want some idea what might be behind the door, which is why he was listening so carefully, the taste of the air would give him knowledge of anything dead, rotting, a were-creature, vampire, or even some demons had distinctive smells and flavors to them, anything unnatural left its hint on the air for those who know how to look for it. Again he decides what to do though, blast the door open or save the shotgun for whatever was inside.

No, he’d break the door open another way, taking stock of its construction he readied magic. Kicking the door open, the magic wave tightened and amplified the kick by several times its normal force, easily blasting the door off of its hinges and out of its latch, sending wood flying into the room, he’s already bringing the shotgun up to the hip ready to fire as he enters the room in a hail of dust, splinters, and flying metal.

Anyas eyes widen when the door sudden breakes and someone bust inside. Watch the door is gone as her red and golden eyes noticed the man with a shot gun. Edmond can see the woman when the books lays around, the room changed normally back but he got a chance to see it was…a library? But the room is now blend white, normal hotel room with simple bed and tv, even a big window. Anya reacted quickly and sudden rushes toward to the window. Crosses her arms forward and toss herself out to break the window. Stupid? No, reacted to her to see the shot gun. Her blonde hair flows when she jumped out when the window glass shatters. Her short night gown barely cover and worn no shoes. She cast gravity to…get upwards! Yes! up to the sky and shoot the gravity to push her far away from the building! Wings came out from her skin and made her glide in the sky, heading toward the next building, away from the man. If Edmond checks the place, he can however see one book, a symbol and the name. Amon.

Edmond doesn’t miss a beat and as she heads up to the window, he fires off the first shotgun at her, but he knows he misses her, letting the weapon sling back on his shoulder under the trench coat again, he prepares more magic and with it, he leaps off of the window with incredible force, carried by a weave of magic that both lowers his effective mass and propels him upward at an increased power from kicking off the window - similar to the enhancements he performed earlier. His duster flapping madly in the night air, he glides through the air, grabbing the sides of the long leather coat and uses it to help control his descent, heading for the same roof she is, though not as skilled as her.

She lands on the ceiling floor and look over her shoulder. Blinks and sees the guy goes after her. Turns around and walk backwards. The wings out yet she felt most of her magic energy was during the ‘fun’ moment. Yet she do not attack him, no, just backing away, closer to the edge. She demand to know who he is, she asked out

“W-Who are you!? and why did you break my spell and step into MY Room??? Have’t your mother learn to Knock???”

This wasn’t her ground, no, to them she’s a stranger. But at least she asked out and did not attack even if he did shot at her. But she prepare a magic seal to cast magic barrier if it needed if he goes shooting again. Just to protect her even if she worn less clothes and wings out. Not fully demon form just yet.

Edmond lands semi-gracefully, with only a slight stumble and in a fluid motion breaks open the shotgun to eject the spent shells before dropping in two new ones and locking it shut again, keeping it raised at about hip level. He continues to advance on her as she demands answers, “You don’t need to know my name, but you cast some serious magic in there, brought something unnatural into this world and quite frankly, that’s unacceptable.” His voice is old and grizzled, the kind you’d expect from someone that had been through the wars to hell and back and was the only one left standing. It is also devoid of any and all empathy toward her, he doesn’t even notice how hot she looks with her wings out and wearing almost nothing, it’s lost on him.

“You see, I don’t like it when people summon crazy shit that doesn’t belong here. It’s, just kind of a peeve of mine. Only thing I hate more is Vampires.” he grins then, and it is a rather unsettling grin.

“Do you really think I’m a damn vampire???”

Oh shit Edmond, you went too far! Compare her to a vampire?? How dare he?? Of course it made her pissed. She did misunderstood yet…it felt weird. Like he spoke to two people, one that really was gentle, the other not. Maybe he can notice what she long time ago…to become a demon, a doll cage? Oh Edmond…this isnt good. You may or may not heard of a doll cage but it has a same term as to make a pact with a demon, but rather a strong demon. A well known one. Anya points at herself, at her golden and red eyes.

“Do this look vampire to you?? Man, you need to go back to hunter class! It’s demonic eyes you damn fool!”

Oh man…she’s schooling him? He do notice this woman has emotions like a normal human would. She didn’t mind if he care of her looks or not. She jump back, set on the edge and then hops out. Cast gravity to shoot her up some to the air and now she could use her wings to fly. Look down to him.

“You dare to call Amon a vampire…and now you’re after trouble because I did something small…”

She knows the codes well, a demon/bounty hunter can defend themselves IF they get threat by ‘anything’. It was time for her to do defend her honor as a demon. But then she calms down, speaking out.

“I am a demon…and I am doing anything for the human race. I was once human…just like you. But listen well, hunter. We are on the same page, I serve not only people on the surface…but even to keep an eye on the underworld. I am allowed on few things to summon…but yes, you’re right…I did something I shouldn’t have done. But that is none of your business.”

“Do you, not understand English?” he asks her and then doesn’t roll his eyes or anything else. No, if she didn’t understand that he wasn’t calling her a vampire. She jumped up and he shook his head - two could play the game of magic, he quickly weaves more magic and the winds begin to coalesce, wind magic was difficult, you had to convince the wind to do as you wanted - which was never an easy task, ever. Still, it was something he could do well enough. With his conjuring a powerful gust of wind blows down from the skies - ice cold from high in the atmosphere, blowing straight down onto the rooftop in the middle of her rather furious rant about, well he had stopped listening at the point that she was behaving like a petulant child - so he would treat her as such. Once the first weave of magic in in place, he tugs it tight, keeping the wind up as the second comes and the skies begin to darken as the manipulates wind, air, and water together thunderheads begin to form over the building.

Anya felt the wind sudden get stronger and the sky darkens. Of course he could see her body moved, trying to focus to fly till she noticed the mix. Water, wind and thunder isn’t a good mix. Cast some gravity to push her away from the building and made her wings go back into her back. Watch her drop down from the sky, away from his little trap of magic to make her get over there. Talking to him wouldn’t be good to him…she may have misunderstood but he spilled ‘i’m murican!’ to her. and using ‘can’t you english?’ grit her teeth when she fell down from the sky, didn’t care to cover herself. Look down to the wet ground as the strong winds push her.

He can see her is so close to fall closer and closer to the ground. But then open a magic seal, more to change to gravity again. Let Edmond see her float but it isn’t just her floating. The water began to rise upwards, over them and up to let the bad wind blow but even thunder lightning struck down to the water. She let out a groan and drops the change so she lands on the ground and let the electricity go over them. Away from the building and them. Pants when she shook a bit by holding that control. Slowly move up and tries to walk, away from the building before he gets over to her, try to find an alleyway. But why? she try to focus her energy, to create a portal, a demonic seal to move away from him. There’s something about him that cause her to move away…his hunger to kill.

Oh, this wasn’t going to be an easy one at all, still… He was going to do it, he was on a mission now and again, he manipulates air directly and forces a strong updraft as he leaps off the side of the building into a dive, aiming to land right about in front of her in the alley way, as the wind hits him, he intensifies in and manages to land solid on the ground right where he wanted to be, pulling his shotgun up again he readies to fire, but he can’t quite get it more than aimed yet, it was a long drop.

Anya thought he gave up but she took her time to focus. But she stops her tracks to see him came down, landed a bit further away from her. Aiming his shot gun which made her eyes widen. Wave her hand and cast the demonic portal, front of her and to Edmond to aim his shotgun and maybe fire at it! He can still fire through it but not hit her, hit something else! Some distraction can be good yeah? She pants and backs away, felt she need to get away. But…how?

Backs away and try to take the same way out, running out on the open street, away from that alley way, going across the street nearby her hotel and where he parked the car. Focus again to make a new portal, so the one front of Edmond slowly disappears. He will now know what she’s doing.

It wasn’t like he was dumb enough to fire into the portal, no, he just went around the portal and dropped the shotgun to his side in the leather strap around his shoulder and pulled out his trusty Colt 45, giving chase after her he fired a few shots form the hip, chances of them hitting were pretty slim, surprisingly, of the 3 shots 2 of them were aimed pretty damn well for a hip shot and stood a good chance of hitting her right in the back, center mass. He didn’t say another word though, he just let the shot ring out in the empty night street of Los Angeles. It was a shitty part of town, the sounds of sirens and gunshots were not uncommon, he figured no one was going to be dumb enough to stick their nose out and help her… If they did, he also figured they’d regret it after she was done with them anyway.

( music! )

Edmond may be lucky today. The loud shot and the bullets flies toward her back. Her hand just lift up as she goes near a wall. She felt something hit her, go through her skin as the blood splash out. The bullets get stuck on the wall. 2 bullets went through her back and through. The portal opens as she choke out blood as she slowly turns around to see Edmond held his weapon. Blood ran down from her lips, he could see the gun shots on her body. But she’s a lucky bastard. Breathing slowly…he knew she need treatment, the gun shots hit her lungs. Slowly move backwards, closer to the portal to get away! let him see her body slowly fades into the portal as it closes behind her.

No one knows where she went…but she have to return to her room, right? She cannot leave all her books? Her belongings? right? …who knows?

He wanted to now where she’d gone, she had blood on the wall… Perfect, he drew symbols on the wall around the blood and cast a tracking spell, he pulled out a map of the city - the old paper kind - and unfolded it smearing a bit of her blood on the surface to complete the spell, if she was on that map, it would show him where… The blood smeared on the paper coalesced into a sphere on the paper and rolled its way defying gravity to find her location on the map. If she wasn’t on the map, it would get as close as it could which would give him bearing… If she wasn’t on this plane, the blood would just stain the map where it was.

The portal leads her to a place, further away from her hotel. Walking with her wounds, blood drips down as she head slowly toward The Casa del Mar, a 5 star hotel! The map shows when she appears, easy target? Odd thing, why is she heading to Casa del Mar? The place is crowed with rich people!

Anya knew she wont come in the normal way, head back of the hotel. Panting and lean against the wall, breathing and coughs out blood. Look up as she felt her eyes blurs a bit. How? These guns were different, she could tell. Use her gravity to float up, way up to a balcony she been before, someone she met.

Once she get there, lands on her feet, trips over and fall on the floor coughing again. Trying her best to stay awake, crawls slowly over to the balcony door, place her hand to the glass and moans out in pain

“T-T-Theo…P-Please…w-wake…up…” hit once on the glass till she passes out.

Walking back over to his stolen car, Edmond started it up and followed the map to where Anya was located now, the spell would last for about another 20 minutes or so, tracking her by her blood… He was a man on a mission, and she was his target, unless he was given a damn good reason not to kill her, he’d kill her. Demon… Vampire… Didn’t matter to him.

Theo is woken up by a sound on his window. Since non of his guards sounded alert, nor he’s dead by now, he gives up caution and all the other stuff a normal human would care about in such a situation.
He stands up, quickly paces to the window, retracts the curtain and…
Theo inhales sharply, in worry as he sees the bleeding and injured Anya.
Even quicker, he opens the door, takes her up in his arms and carries her in his apartment. Then, he sets her down on the couch.
While he deals with her physically, his thoughts become focused already.

this. skills.Add(Magic.Base.3A);
And any kind of magic is added to his skills, the knowledge at the ready as he first off casts a suppression skill to make his magic go unnoticed, and then a strong healing spell.
Green Light engulfes Anya’s body on the couch, effectively healing her in a short matter of seconds.
Theo speaks up, confident, strong. A voice one could hold on to, to not loose grip on reality.

“Anya, wake up.”

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