How to Make a Request

This is where someone can go to request to start a new role play with anyone who might be interested in doing so.


Requests should be made with a subject line that specifies what someone wants:

Looking for a space race role play, with 1 or 2 other people. (Chat)
Looking for a rescue role play with 1 other person. (Forum)

See how they both specify the number of people who the person is looking to join in and the medium which they wish to use.

The Art of the Request

However, a lot of people stop at the point that they would like to role play and just leave it at, “Anyone want to RP?”. This is not really a helpful request, it leaves way too much in the open. This is going to require some amount of thought to be a useful and helpful request. The important question to ask is what one wants to role play?

Creative Blocks

This is where people get blocked a lot. One doesn’t have to know exactly what they want to role play though, a concept or an idea works just fine, such as…

I was thinking I wanted to role play a rescue mission, someone is in trouble and I’d like to rescue them.

That isn’t very specific, but it gets things going for who might also want to role play as the person who needs rescuing, or perhaps the antagonist of the play. Most of us have some inspiration for play, testing out a new weapon, a song we heard, an image we saw online.

Dead Fish in RP

We’ve all role played with the proverbial dead fish, someone who wants to tole play but doesn’t have an idea what they want to do and doesn’t contribute much.

Thinking of what you want to role play and requesting that solves for some of that (sadly, not all).


None of us want to be entertainers in charge of entertaining a bored person who doesn’t know what they want to do. So take a moment, think up a few ideas (even if they are weird or unfinished) and post a request.


This work on the chat server too. Come in with an idea, and a lot of times you’ll have better luck.