How to Annoy me on your first response (Roleplay)

Alright, so I’m sure we’ve all been there when we did RP’s and it was around our first time rp’ing, and we’d reply with like one sentence, when someone else would do a full paragraph.

But this simple pissed me off alot,

Long story short: Liona is a witch, this dudes character is a 17yr kid who’s half demi-god???

Liona sits on her Maplewood broom, soaring throughout the skies of the once beloved kingdom of Saeria. Passing by those she loves, she noticed something off, far in the distance. A large storm was brewing. Now, Those of Saeria know that a Storm happens only once every few years, due to the land being supplied by magic, and mother nature wanting Saeria wiped off the map. Instantly, People of the land began to take shelter in the homes they loved so dearly, as the loud, Ear-piercing thunder began Roaring, people beginning to run off the streets, As liona quickly began to dash across the kingdom, looking for a place to take shelter. Her broom was supplied by the suns energy, and the clouds blocked it, meaning she was going to run out of energy soon. Eventually, she finds a small cafe, located In the Southwest District, and takes shelter from the storm. She notices a few fellow people she would know, and waves to them, before noticing a young boy, brown hair, and Ocean-blue eyes, A very rare trait. She slowly sits down, after helping them secure the outside of the shop.

Now, I wasn’t expecting a paragraph of that size, just something that looked more than what he did. I expected 3-4 sentences at LEAST. And what does he do?

Young boy notices the witch and says hi.



I spent 10 minutes writing a beautiful opening, and you reply with… A VSS (Very Short sentence) SENTENCE??? Not only that, the ‘24 year old’ said he’d roleplayed for years. I found this very hard to believe when i replied 5 more times with decently sized messages, and he did a sentence.

im gonna ask if yall have had the same experience, since this seems to be a reoccuring thing i’ve seen. And if you have, share??

I mean like that’s fine with me if I’m RPing with a fairly new RPer, but never have I met someone who does VSSs and has roleplayed for years. He’s probably lying about that years part of anything

Sorry to hear your emote (which was pretty nice to be honest) got responded with an 8-worded sentence

There are three types of role-players:

  1. Those who writes a short paragraph with some details for every post they make.
  2. Those who writes one big wall of texts every time they post.
  3. Those who writes less than 15 words for every post.

Years of experience doesn’t necessarily mean they have written some good paragraphs for years. It only means they have roleplayed in one way or another. I was lucky that for my first months of RPing, I encountered number 1 and number 2 roleplayers (and then I replied with the like biggest wall of texts they ever seen in Fanfiction or something). The moment I got to RWBY RP servers, that was when I saw the entire community being number 3. It was cringey to say the least.

Not to mention that any character sheet past 5 pages, they won’t ever want to touch it. Mine was 24 pages, so guess how it went? XD

I experienced these numerous times. There was one time in a Fate/Stay Night roleplay where I wrote a magnificent 2.5k words in a fight scene. The guy, with years of roleplaying experience, replied with a single sentence: “…he shoot 8 small beams, and then shoot another 12 medium beams, and then shoot 1 big beam.”
This went on for almost the entire duration of the fight.

I have another experience where I was RPing Tal’s loli in another server in some sort of free fight tournament or something, then this dude showed up playing as Goku. Despite my 8,000 characters long introduction, he replied with a single sentence: “…he walked in and shouted I want to fight someone now!!”

Sure, its annoying, but to me it has achieved meme status.


how to ruin my rp in 4 letters

A paragraph introduction, and a 3 word response. Makes me want to bash someone’s head into the pavement.

This is why I try to respond with near, equal, or more than what someone responds with. I´m given a set amount of stuff to respond and react to, and so I give that much in return (to the best of my ability, sometimes I simply can´t go for that goal)

You actually do very well Chub, seriously.

Thanks for that, I try to give thought into my responses. It´s just more fun that way and I feel good after giving off a… somewhat long response

I do the same. Usually, I look and see if someones post goes on for 4 lines long, I try to make mine 4 lines or a tad longer, if someone replies with a sentence. WELL A FUCKING SENTENCE THEY WILL GET!

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