How Does One Escape the Prison With a Ball and Chain?

Death around him was the same song and dance Flask had felt day after day for his first 10 years of life before he came to the Schatten system, so getting the feeling of dead bodies around him was nothing he even bothered to note. At the escape schuttels, he went into the one that he sensed as the most clean, and shut himself inside, locking himself away since while he was able to deduct that nothing was chasing him, he didn’t know anything about the Akron. He attempts to start the machinery up

Funny thing about escape shuttles… They were designed to, well, escape. So that anyone can get in and get way. As such when he enters and sits down the systems come to life and a voice comes on, since the computer sensed he had entered no access codes, “Emergency escape pod activated. To initiate escape sequence, please pull the restraints down and lock them into place.”

Flask sat still in his seat for a short while, letting the fact that he actually got out of the situation sink into his mind. A good few minutes fly by in what seems like a few seconds to him, as he then followed the message’s requirements. He lowered his restraints down and locked himself in place, making sure they were as tight as possible.
“Let’s hope uou get me out of here properly” Flask says to himself as he awaits his journey off of the Akron to start.

Flask’s escape shuttle activates… The explosive bolts blow and the shuttle engines fire up automatically, blasting the shuttle out of the Akron. Flask can see in the window in a very New Hope kind of way, the exterior of the Akron. Soon enough, one of the patrol fighters spots the ejecting pod and calls in to their Hawk craft, the runabout picks up the shuttle and is able to pull it back into normal space…

From there it was all down hill, the undead is brought back into the normal reality and taken back to Nimbus to be checked out.

Ok, this thread took way too long.