Houseki No Kunai: A Spartan's rage

“Phos, watch and learn.” The two twins called out to the emerald girl behind them. The two went into a crouch battle-stance, their body tense ready to move at any moment.

Behind the twins, Phos was on the ground kneeling, her eyes wide and her first battle against the Lunarians that have plagued her kind. But, where was the excitement? Why wasn’t she feeling it? The anticipation wasn’t there either. The only thing she felt was fear.

She was rooted on the ground frozen. Unable to move her crystalline limbs, she was forced to watch her the amethyst twins do their work. The fought in perfect synch, dodging the arrows shot at them, clearing out several groups of Lunarians, the two leap into the air slicing through the massive statue just landing behind it.

Soon, the upper half of the massive Lunarian topples down to the platform right behind the twins revealing several lotus holes.


Phos manage to register their words, explaining to her the Lunarian before her is another of those rare types. But they made one fatal mistake.

Phos eyes detected movement, something big slithered out off one of the holes, sneaking behind the two. Phos manage to get a good glimpse of the enemy slithering right behind the twins.

She tried to shout out a warning to them but couldn’t find the strength to do so. All Phos could do was watch in horror as she witnesses Amethyst 33 and 89 get caught in its jaw.

Fragments of their body fell and landed in front of her. She could see their horrified and fear-etched faces. They told her to run yet she couldn’t. Her body wasn’t responding to her commands.

Soon came their screams, it was the most terrifying thing to hear. Yet such screams sounded familiar to her? Her mind tried to think but was suddenly bombarded with a wave of memories.

Fire, thunder, screams of rage and desperation flooded her mind. A black gritty sky, fire everywhere, tall buildings touching the sky. Corpses everywhere both familiar and alien. Then the voices that haunt her in her dreams came.











The voices hammered her head, her mind trying to make sense out of all the noises from both inside and outside.

Another memory came. This time showing a young blond gem? No, not a gem, she didn’t have that pale white complexion like the others do. Her hair did not shine like the others but it was dull.

And she was wearing a strange armor sporting the color red. The design of the armor was also familiar to her yet she couldn’t remember but more importantly, who was the blonde? Why did she look so familiar?

Yet, she was smiling and her mouth opens. A soothing yet strong feminine voice.

“Give 'em hell Phos. Make those alien bastards pay.”

It was soon followed by another feeling. Phos could feel her chest burning. Burning with an emotion both new and old to her. Did she feel angry? Anger was something Phos didn’t experience in her life as a Gem yet it still felt familiar.

No…it wasn’t anger…it was rage. Piping hot rage flowed through her body like water. Unknowingly her body stands right back, her hands curling to fist, her mouth turning into a snarl and her eyes into pinpricks burning with vengeance and hate.

She did one thing that shocked those close to her. She screamed. Not one of fear or sorrow. But one of rage and bloodlust.


“That darn useless brat.” Bort snarled, seeing the emerald gem sitting on the ground frozen. She was sprinting as fast as she could to save Amethyst, Diamond was behind her while their sensei was slightly far back accompanied by the other gems.

She glances at Phos slowly standing back up. Her mind wondering what was the idiot doing now but Phos did something unexpected and that will forever always stay in her mind.

She heard the gem screamed. A scream was filled with so much rage and bloodlust that made her stop. She was rooted to her spot, eyes twitching wondering where all that rage and bloodlust inside Phos was coming from.

The gem in question starts to run, immediately becoming a green blur much to her surprise at the sheer amount of speed she achieved and launches herself towards the Lunarian without a weapon.

“What the hell…”

Everything was a blur in Phos mind, her vision was once swarmed with constant images of battles, flashes of light of all sorts, explosions, floating and flying metallic crafts and people were now replaced with her own vision of what she’s doing.

She was in a tug of war with the Lunarian that had the Amethyst twins in its maw.

The whistle of arrows traveling through the air was detected forcing her to jump back. The arrows flew past her.

Phos turns to where the arrows originated and found the source. A small group of 30 Lunarians who somehow survived the twin’s onslaught. And sees them as the biggest threat.

‘20 ranged combatants…10 close combatants…eliminate them with extreme prejudice…no survivors…’

With a burst of speed, she closes half of the distance between her and them. Another volley of arrows was fired at her, but they looked so slow. Time around her seemed to slow down for some reason. It felt new to her but old yet familiar. What was it?

Spartan time…

The name of the feeling came out of the blue in her memories. It felt right and familiar at the same time. Soon she found herself pulverizing a close combatant with one punch followed by another with a backhand.

The Lunarians tried to combat Phos but failed miserably as each of them was countered and killed immediately. One of them tried to stab Phos with its staff which ended caught by Phos hands and was rip out of its grip along with its arms.

With a new weapon in hand, Phos doubled her efforts, claiming more victims within seconds. The Lunarian group was decreasing in size by the seconds with 4 left.

Phos swings the stolen staff, decapitating two while she spins to her right dodging an arrow shot at her before throwing her staff like a javelin at the one responsible killing it.

Again, her ears detect a whistling through the air, her right arm shoots forward catching an arrow in mid-flight just inches from her head. Her eyes rotated to her right catching a glimpse at the surprised looked of the archer.

Before the Lunarian could fire another arrow, Phos becomes a blur with two steps instantly closes the distance between the both. Soon the Lunarian archer finds its arrow Phos caught through its neck and was kicked off the platform before exploding into a cloud of smoke.

With all the combatants cleared, Phos focus all her attention at the slithering maw and rushes it. Catching it with her left hand only. But cracks were starting to form all over her body due to the huge amount of stress her body went through.

Despite that, it didn’t deter her one bit. She pulls even more slowly opening its maw and one step closer to saving the twins. But in her mind, this was taking too long.

She cocks back her right fist, cracks, and fractures starting to appear even more. She spoke. Her tone lace with hate and rage.

“Give her back…” She mutters softly, her bangs covering her eyes before revealing her rage-filled eyes. “GIVE HER BACK YOU ALIEN BASTARD!!!”

Her right arm launches like a missile, impacting the surface of the crystalline surface of the Lunarian maw trap with hers. The results were instantaneous, just as her fist connected, the Lunarian maw exploded into a million pieces releasing the trap Amethyst twins from their prison but at the cost of her own right arm which also shattered seconds after impact.

The shattered remains of the twins safely landed on the soft grass patch of the nearby hill along with Phos hand.

Seeing the target destroyed, her eyes focus on the main source. The half cut body of the leader. She instantly closes the distance, her remaining arm cocked back ready to dish out the same punch like before.

Cracks and fractures started to appear all over her arm with bits and pieces falling off her body. Her fist connects ensuing an explosion of a cloud of smoke. Her body was seen launch outwards from the cloud, her other arm gone before landing on the grass hard.

Her legs shatter from the impact along with half of her torso splitting apart and a piece of her face was missing leaving her with only one eye on the left.

Laying there on the ground motionless, hearing the sound of fragments being collected by her fellow gems, she couldn’t help but smirk at the retreating form of the Lunarian platform and mutters a phrase loud enough for Diamond to hear who came to collect her shattered fragments.

“That’s right you mothers…run.”

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