Hate is Control

Hate is a method of control.

The movement to erradicate the ideas of “political correctness” is a method of dividing the contry. The “War on Christmas” narrative is also a method of dividing the country. Racial minority groups are pit against each other through state sponsored and state endorsed political campaigns that, like with everyone else, want to keep people fighting each other.

This us-vs-them narrative has to stop. I am not a Trump supporter, I think he’s the worst president I’ve ever seen or even read about. I don’t like the sexist and racist things that have come out of his campaign. However, no mind is ever changed because one person hates another person. No mind is ever changed because people refuse to talk about things or people reduce their arguments to screaming and yelling insults across the isles.

When Hillary Clinton decided to call Trump supporters “deplorables”, I thought it was hillarious. What I didn’t see at the time was she was simply enforcing this false idea of who the problem is. The problem isn’t that people were shouting racist and sexist things. The problem was that if there hadn’t been so much latent sexism and racism already it wouldn’t have found a voice.

We’ve been doing this a long time now. “Crout” and “Gook” were popularized to give racial slurs to enemies of the country, at the time. Germans were evil Nazi’s and Vietnamese, well we were fighting a “conflic” there. It is a lot easier to drum up public support when you give the other side a nasty name, a racial slur, an insult that the state says we should call the other side. It is divisive and it dehumanizes them, making it easier to hate them, which makes it easier to approve of sending people to kill them.

The country needs to wake up. People need to realize that being educated doesn’t make someone bad. That disagreeing doesn’t make a person bad. A person should not be defined as a “Trump Supporting Nazi” or (as I was called not long ago) a “Lib-Tard”. It is all about keeping us divided as a nation because a divided nation is easier to control.

A divided nation is kept that way with a narrative telling people how the other side cannot be reasoned with. We are in a polarized world and the powers that be (corporate, government, religious, etc.) and to keep us that way. It makes their job easier if we keep fighting each other we don’t have time to ask questions about what those in power are doing. We’re too busy pointing fingers at each other.

A week or two ago someone, who politically agrees with me, was aying how all those Trump Supporters need to go. It took entirely too many ticks of the brain to realize what that meant. It is easy to say that those people need to go, but then actually imagine that kind of world that would be. The imagine how upsetting it would be if the other side was saying it in reverse. No… The other side shouldn’t go, conservatives have valid concerns over many issues. Liberals have valid concernse over many issues. Liberals and conservatives agree on a considerable number of things.

So, what does one do about legitimately racist people? What does one do about legitimately sexist or abusive people? Show them they are wrong, talk to people, engage with people. Let them tell you what they think what they do then tell them why you disagree. Maybe any one person doesn’t reach more than a couple people. However over 65 million people voted against Donald Trump, just imagine if every one of those people could put aside the hate and revulsion at the other side and reach a couple of people. The same goes for the some nearly 63 million people who voted for Trump, perhaps instead of yelling, screaming, and making up names for those people that they disagree with they could just have conversations about why they feel that way.

There is an old song that has the line in it, “If the world had a front porch like we did back then. We’d still have our problems but we’d all be friends.” They’ve got a point, sitting around, talking, coming together. There will always be racists, there will always be sexists, there will always be nasty people. The way to fight such ignorance is not through hate, it is through conversation, discourse, and keeping an open heart for those who disagree with you. Sure, shitty people will always be everywhere, the the mean average of people aren’t shitty, they are just people.

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