Hasta Siempre Mi General (Open Ended)

She starts mentally mapping out the area around her and looking for anywhere else there might be people. She wanted to avoid the ones with the iron machines as much as possible.

After a while indra decides to send two shiden out to hunt for whoever was watching them, only because he was so bored with waiting arounf

By that time she had set up a makeshift camp at the mouth of a cave.

The shiden moved near the cave and began to scan the area

Chepa hears the mobile suits coming and goes into the cave. Shed rather not get lost but they force her to leave.

The shidens move close to the cave and scan around the area

the scans would show biosignature from her deep in the cave.

“Attention! Person or thing in the cave! Please come out and we won’t have to come in there to get you!” One of the pilots says

Chepa responds in Spanish “death before capture imperialist dogs!”

“Was the even English?”

“No,I don’t think so”

“We don’t understand what you said” the pilot yelled over the intercom again

She decides to reply with bullets, firing at the heads of the shiden. Approximately where the eye would be in a person.

The bullets ping off the shiden, the rounds not strong enough to punch through their armor

“Hey! Don’t do that! We’re trying to be friendly here!

“A la mierda pinche gringos!” she yells from un the cave

The two shidens look at each other before looking back at the cave. They then raise their guns and turn on the lights on it

“We still don’t understand!”

She hides behind a stalagmite when they turn on their lights.

The shidens look around the cave, scanning as much as they can

They would be able to see her behind the stalagmite with the scans

“Miss! Come out please! We don’t wanna hurt you!

She pokes out to fire a couple more shots at them.

The rounds ping off the mobile suits again making both pilots sigh as they raise their weapons