Hasta Siempre Mi General (Open Ended)

The two shidens look at each other before looking back at the cave. They then raise their guns and turn on the lights on it

“We still don’t understand!”

She hides behind a stalagmite when they turn on their lights.

The shidens look around the cave, scanning as much as they can

They would be able to see her behind the stalagmite with the scans

“Miss! Come out please! We don’t wanna hurt you!

She pokes out to fire a couple more shots at them.

The rounds ping off the mobile suits again making both pilots sigh as they raise their weapons

She pokes her head out a bit trying to find a route between the mobile suits.

They had the exit to the cave mostly covered besides a small opening to the left

She shoots down a stalagmite then dashes to the small opening hoping that she can make it through.

The pilots look at the stalagmite allowing her to pass by

She books it through trying to get as much distance between them and herself.

As she runs she’d hear a howl followed by a large crash

She looks for the sound of the howl and the crash

Nothing around until barbatos shows itself, it’s mace comes crashing down in her path to block the way as four mobile workers surround her

She stops and stares daggers into Barbatos as she outs her hands up in surrender.

Barbatos eyes glow red as it howls again, the cockpit then opens and Indra jumps out, gun pointed at the girls head


She flips him off still with her hands up.

“Hands behind your head now” indra said as his marines rushed up his sides their weapons pointed at her

She kept her hands “no hablo inglés inbecil”