Hasta Siempre Mi General (Open Ended)

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It was a chilly morning in the camp at Cuernavaca. Chepa woke up and started to get her things together. The day had yet to break but even then the camp was already a flurry of activity. She finally gets everything together and runs over to the meeting area. She happens to get their just in time. The commander started the briefing on their planned assault of Mexico City. He goes over the general strategy for taking the city before ending the briefing and letting the platoon commanders go over the more unit specific details.

The commander of her platoon, Lola, started her briefing now. They were to escort a squad of anti tank troops through the mountains and into Mexico City. As such they would be part of the tip of the thrust towards the capital. Once Lola was done talking about the tactics they would use she motions to several large crates near them. The crates were filled with Mosin-Nagant rifles and a lot of 7.62 rounds. She explains that this was the aid given to them by the soviet union in their fight against the Mexican government. Lola then urges them to go and train with the rifles to get a feel for them. With that they are dismissed.

Over the course of a few weeks Chepa takes the time to get better with the rifle. She was not as good with the Russian rifle as she was with her old Winchester but for now it would have to be enough. It was finally the day they would have to move out. She loads up and forms up with her sisters in arms, eager and excited. She had never been to Mexico City and was excited to see it even though it would be partially destroyed from the fighting. They get onto a military train which takes them to the city of Tepoztlán. From there they disembarked and started their trek towards the volcano Tlaloc.

They made sure to move as stealthily as possible, trusting that some of the other units assaulting Tres Marlas would provide enough of a distraction to allow them to outflank the capitol’s defenses. For the majority of the trip things are quiet and with little to no incidents. Once they descended to the outskirts of the Capitol that is when they had their first real engagement.

Defending the district of San Pablo Oztotepec were a few infantry platoons, a few cavalry platoons and four tanks. All of them old mark IVs given to the Mexican government by the British. By this point the revolutionaries knew how to deal with them. They set up their two thirty millimeter AT guns in high positions with plenty of brush to hide them. Then they started a small engagement with the forces defending the district. They successfully managed to bait two tanks and a cavalry platoon into chasing them to their ambush area. The guns and hidden troops opened fire and slaughtered the pursuing forces.

Soon they had the defenders on the run and by the sounds around them many of the other units had also successfully made it to the capital and had started their assault. Through the chaos of the initial routing and eventual push back from reinforcements a coherent front was established. For a few hours things quieted down as both sides resupplied and gathered their forces. The counterattack came in the late morning of the next day, with the government troops bringing in everything they had. The revolutionary forces could barely hold their own against them but they desperately fought with the hope that reinforcements from the south would arrive in a few days just as planned.

During the fighting Chepa had set up in a partially destroyed house and started to fire at the government troops. Unfortunately for her with them there was an artillery spotter and the house she was in was marked as a target. Within a half hour explosive shells started to land all around her. She tried to run and jump out of where she was when she heard the dreaded whistling that preceded the landing of an artillery shell. She closed her eyes and hoped for the best.

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In a sudden flash of blue she landed face first into sand. She groans and gets up before looking around. The cold dry air of Mexico City in the winter was replaced with a cool tropical breeze. The partially destroyed cityscape she was just in was now replaced by the warm sand, a large ocean and the beach. She clutched her rifle as she struggled to understand what had happened and if she was going insane. She wipes the grime, sweat and sand off her face and forces herself up to her feet to look around. She was still whole and the things on her when she tried to escape were still with her but everything else was gone. After thinking a bit she decides to follow the coast until she finds a river to drink from.

As she follows the coast she notices that the plants nearby are not like any she has seen in her homeland. She also notices that there are no tracks leading to her, it was as if she just appeared there like a work of magic. Still spooked by what happened she continues on her path to secure the basic necessities for now.

Indras Tekkadan group had been nearby when the girl appeared on the beach. None of them noticed her as they continued to doing their routines and training

Chepa would eventually come across Indra and his group. She hides in the bushes and keeps her distance as she observes them.

The boys were hard at work on their mobile suits and worker, As well as rearming their many heavy weapons. No one had noticed her yet

Meanwhile indra was say atop barbatos observing the work

She stays hidden in the bush looking for the highest ranking member of them. She does not move an inch and even breaths slowly to maintain her cover.

Indra perks up a bit as he looks in her general direction making Barbatos eyes glow faintly

She sees this and aims her Mosin at Indra with her bead squarely on his head. She doesn’t know what type of new war machine Barbatos is but she is sure that if it was built it can be destroyed.

Barbatos eyes glow red as the cockpit closes, the men look over and start mounting their mobile suits as well as taking their battle positions. Barbatos then howls loudly as it grabs its 200mm cannon

She uses the rustling from the mobile suits to slip further into the jungle. She doesn’t know why they are mobilizing but she won’t stick around to find out.

“Barbatos…Calm yourself…” indra whispers inside the cockpit as the red glow of barbatos eyes returns to its normal green

“Someone’s out there find them…”

Chepa continuous to go further into the jungle, she was an expert at stealth so it would take some effort from them to find her.

“Should we give chase…or well search Indra?” One of the boys asked to which indra responded with a simple growl

“Leave whatever it is be…we have the advantage here…mobile suits do better than anything boys”

She searches the local area for a cave or somewhere that would make using their mobile suits a liability.

Indra just sighed as his men slowly backed down and return to their normally scheduled work.

“If they’re curious enough…they’ll come back” indra says over the comms

She starts mentally mapping out the area around her and looking for anywhere else there might be people. She wanted to avoid the ones with the iron machines as much as possible.

After a while indra decides to send two shiden out to hunt for whoever was watching them, only because he was so bored with waiting arounf

By that time she had set up a makeshift camp at the mouth of a cave.

The shiden moved near the cave and began to scan the area

Chepa hears the mobile suits coming and goes into the cave. Shed rather not get lost but they force her to leave.

The shidens move close to the cave and scan around the area