Halls of the Infinite (Open Ended)

Approximately one astronomical unit from the “bottom” of the Schatten system a streak of blue and violet shone. Its brilliant display of light bore through it a large mass. About the size of a small freight craft. Soon after the mass passed through the threshold the splice sputtered close. Its brilliant display of colors fading against the blackness of space.

The first vessel to see this happen is the STV Tempest Dawn, the small Archer Class Starship was returning from a courier mission for Fleet Admiral Sal D’Amico and had just dropped out of Folded Space when the splice opened up. Slowing to a stop, Katja reports the encounter to Nimbus Station right away… She isn’t sure what to make of it, doing a detailed scan she tries to determine what it is – it looked like it might be a ship. Not sure if she should try to hail it or put a tractor beam on it and tow it to Serenity Station.

The STV Scorpio Prophet was on a patrol route nearby, and was re-tasked to the location and provide any assistance as needed. The defiant class starship approached from the Port side of the Tempest Dawn at a perpendicular angle, stopping off about 200 meters from the object, Xosh’s voice comes over comms, “This is Commander Fable of the Scorpio Prophet, we’ve been sent to assist. Any idea what we’re looking at?”

Scans would show its entirely organic but with advanced organs that are rough analogs of spacecraft. An internal fusion reactor with a store of hydrogen, ion thrusters, what seem to be an energy shield generator and an array of communication systems. However the scans would also show the craft was in a state of hibernation. Most likely so as to not expend valuable energy. The only semi active process would be passive hydrogen gas collection for the fusion reactor.

Katja opens a channel with the Scorpio Prophet, "“Looks entirely organic, but also like a spacecraft, I’m detecting ion thrusters, hydrogen fusion reactors, shields…” She trails off, “I’ve never seen anything like it though. Could be dormant, but it’s difficult to tell, the only organic ship we have on record is a life form in the Betra Strogram system called Gomtuu. It doesn’t appear anything like that creature though.” She touches the console and opens a channel… “Unidentified vessel, you have appeared in the Schatten Star System, we mean you no harm but would like to establish contact. Do you read?”

Xish nods and replies, “alright, we’ll be on standby, for whatever you need” He then orders the ship be put on yellow alert, being on standby in case things get hairy, but weapons stay powered down unless an attack occurs.

After a short pause the vessel replies with a message in binary. After roughly translating the binary code the output would be Ah uh'e shehye. Ya'ooboshu ph'n’ghft, y’shehye Shug'Ghnahoth. Ya’shtunggli Az'Thnknyth ep sll'ha athg chtenff The language was completely alien to what HAL had encountered before and would most likely need a larger sample of text from which to create a proper translation.
Following the reply the ship would initiate its start up sequence.

Katja relays the transmission back to Nimbus for analysis. With the channel open to the Scorpio Prophet, “What is your threat assessment?” She wanted to get a second opinion on what was happening, “I don’t see anything threatening so far, have you ever seen anything like this?” At Nimbus, researchers begin to reach out and attempt to find anything like this in the galactic database.

// Liz, is there anything remotely like this anywhere in the galactic database – no is an OK answer, I just want to double check.

Xosh responds, “We should handle this with caution, so far It doesn’t seem hostile… our ship is on yellow alert, in case things go bad, We should probably try to keep talking with them, attempting to communicate, see what we can gather… if they begin attacking, then the Scorpio Prophet will engage, while you disengage and request assistance.” He says, setting up a contingency plan in case things go poorly.

The ship finished its boot up sequence and now initiated some internal processes. Movement inside the ship, though from their scans to wouldn’t looked like a crew that awoke but fluid shifting around in something like a lymphatic system. Nimbus researched would unfortunately turn up blanks on all accounts. This was something not yet encountered.

Soon the ship was fully operational and proceeded with scans of it’s own. Opening compound eye looking structures it initiated simple scan using radar and uv.

The ship remained stationary now and seemed to have no natural offensive systems of it’s own. It sends out a longer and more informal message now. Within would be measurements, equations and astronomical observations. It was intended to give the receiver a base point from which they could start to decide their language.

With no small amount of sarcasm, Katja notes to herself that Xosh seems incapable of doing anything but stating the obvious. Still, he was correct, it was just bothersome the lack of content in these thoughts. After another moment though, Katja realized this was also partly because she herself did not know what to do about this situation. As the alien vessel was still starting up, she prepares to send over Linguacode, then the ship sends over its own kind of code… Mostly science and math, it did prove that the alien(s) were intelligent. She transmits the linguacode in hopes that it allows the alien vessel to form a basis for communicating.

Xosh and the Scorpio Prophet remain quiet, Xosh wasn’t much of the exploritory type, and all he did was state what was on his mind, a silence fell over the Scorpio prophet as they observed the goings on, ready to act the moment things turned hostile.

The ship starts analyzing the Linguacode thatxwas sent to it. The thrusters wind down and the scans stop. All power rediverted to the Analytical Ganglions. It takes a few for the ship to decode and start to translate its messages into something legible for them. Once it does it responds the initial message

“Greetings, people of this planet. I visit from beyond the void, my planet is Shug’Ghnahoth. I contact you in the name of the Az’Thnk and invite you to form friendly relations.”

The ship goes on standby to wait for a response.

That was an unexpected response to be sure… Katja noted that the ship seemed to be underpowered, at least from this observation. She ties into the universal translator too, “I represent the Serenity Concord, we would accept any and all friendly greetings… If you will follow myself and the other ship present, we will direct you into standard orbit around the third planet called Soteria.” The channel is still open with the Scorpio Prophet so Xosh can hear this transmission too. “We welcome you to the Schatten Star system.”

Xosh orders the yellow alert to stand down, and the Scorpio Prophet moves into an escort position, ready to escort both ships to harbor, Xosh was pleased that there was no hostile intentions and allowed everything to return to normal operating orders. the Defiant class sat off to the side still, so it could react to any dangers as needed.

“Affirmative” the ship falls in line with the other two. Its ionic thrusters making it a bit slow and unwieldy but soon its following them on their course to Soteria.

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