Guides to Role Playing and Writing (Poll Included)

I am by no means a really good writer, but I have been role playing a long time (especially in free form settings). I’d like to gauge interest in doing short videos or such things on the topic. Of particular interest right now is perhaps doing a video on creating and using NPC’s on the fly to enhance role play.

  • Yes, I’d like that.
  • No, sounds like a solution looking for a problem.
  • What? No, I don’t care either way.

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So, some ideas for topics of these things…

  • NPC’s on the fly / to enhance role play
  • Transition from Chat / Short form to Long form / Forum
  • Plotting / outlining / the essentials
  • ??

I’d kind of like some feedback on these, perhaps some other ideas.

Many years ago I helped write PBP RP tutorials for this RP guild I was a member of. I honestly can’t remember all the topics we covered, but I do remember a few things.

I remember we had this long list of “don’t be these people”. Here are what they basically looked like:

There are also a ton of other resources at both links.

I also remember we had this three-step guide for writing RP posts - “AEI, oh you!”:

  1. Acknowledge
  2. Extend
  3. Invite

When writing a RP post:

  1. Acknowledge what everyone else you’re interacting with has done. Give your post a place in the story by building off of what is going on and what people are doing. Don’t ignore other people’s contributions, or override or rewrite them.
  2. Extend the story. Add your own contributions to the story that move it forward. Don’t just navel-gaze or do nothing interesting. Don’t go off on weird tangents unrelated to the story in play.
  3. Invite others to interact. Create opportunities for other players’ character to get engaged with you and with the story. Don’t write the story into a dead end where no one else can do anything. Don’t just have your character walk away, ignore everyone, or generally be a sullen asshole.

And so on and so forth. We also had stuff on character creation (no Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters), and much more.