Guide to Posting Applications for Open Positions

This guide applies to posting new applications for characters to fill positions found in our Current Positions List. If you are looking to post a new character application, please use this area for that purpose.

Applications for Open Positions

Players wishing to apply for an open position should have the character already approved, we will not accept applications for an open character position for a character that has not been approved. Even if you fully intend a new character to fill a position, you must still post a new character application, that application must be approved for play, and then you can submit that character here.

Required Information

The required information is pretty simple. We will need the character name, a link to the character bio (should be on the Wiki already), and the position you want to apply for.


Character Name Awesome Character Name
Character URL
Position King of Yogurt

Please do not edit the code in the template except to fill in the above information. It is formatted this way for a reason. It makes the application easier to read for staff and will thus give a faster turn around on approval.

Writing Sample

You will be expected to submit a writing sample of your character acting in the position you’re requesting. This should be formatted like a short vignette or very short story, it will not be part of canon and you are free to write whatever kind of scene you want for this. The idea is for the staff to be able to see how your character might behave during actual game play. If you’re having trouble coming up with a scene idea, see the next section.

One of the most important and key parts of playing a character position in the game is the ability to write and role play effectively. We will often have players who could be novices, unsure of themselves, and perhaps can’t lead the scene very well themselves. You may also have to do a bit of out of character work to clarify. It is also pivotal that players can easily understand what you’re saying in order to respond.

The writing sample should be about 200 to 400 words or at least 2 paragraphs. You will be expected to use reasonable punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Longer than this is permitted, but also keep in mind that long walls of text in live role playing can be a turn off. Forum role play is, of course, different and permits much longer posts as people have more time to respond.

Scene Ideas

Here are some ideas for scenes to use for a writing sample.

  • Crisis Situation
    How your character would deal with a crisis / emergency situation fitting to the position applied for.
  • Recruiting
    How you imagine your character being recruited / promoted for said position might go.
  • Average Day
    Walk through what you think the average day of your character in said position would be like, what would they do, what kind of issues would come up, and how would they react to average every-day problems.

These are just a few examples, a player is not limited to only using these.

What to Expect

Applications may take time to respond to, more time than a character application in some cases. It will not be unusual for an application to take at least a week, though it may be sooner. The staff will discuss the application with a bit more effort than we do character applications, as this character may be someone we have to deal with a lot. While reminders are acceptable, generally give us at least a week to discuss. It is acceptable to let us know a simple notification that you posted an application, but beyond that please give us time to review and discuss an application.

We may ask you for clarification on certain points, we may even ask you to say how your character (and you) would handle certain situations. In character situations are less of a worry given a good writing sample, but situations where a new player may be having a difficult time and could be difficult to play with may need to be considered, especially for high traffic positions that may see a lot of new players.