Guess the lyrics

Alright, you can google it, do whatever, but i’d prefer if someone actually knew it XD

The game goes like this

Someone says some lyrics, just a little bit like… ‘you’re not in charge I’m free Your patriarchal prison won’t hold me’ and then if someone knows the lyrics, They would reply with the song name, and then some of there lyrics… heres an example

Bixbux: ‘You could be my queen I could be your dream Our lives like a fantasy’

SnipperSnapper: I know! I know! Its bmblb from rwby ^-^ ‘I think oh whoa what am I to do.
I didn’t know that I would fall in love with you,’

crauer: Its Boop from rwby! ‘I could just say it, I love your everything.
But I can’t quite tell my self, if you’re feeling quite the same.’

and so on. If you guess wrong, then you lost XD


The innocents will lay in
When in the end you’ve failed to save them?

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