Gods of the Gap (Open Ended)

It is a typical day in Whiteridge. The people of the community perform their daily tasks, engage in conversations with each other and generally just enjoying life. Few people pay much heed to some newer additions to the town square: A number of posters questioning if the reader is of the adventuring sort, before inquiring if they would like copious amounts of gold. The posters then, enthusiastically, instruct the reader to head over to the Hearts Refuge Inn, as the apparent author of the posters requires an adventuring party to accompany them on what the author describes as a “Daring exercise in valor!”

In fine print, the posters state that interested parties should bring an inventory of cooking and hunting equipment, three days of emergency rations and a weapon. The poster makes it clear that these are not strictly required, but they are highly encouraged

Stevin had his camping and survival equipment on his horse, Raindrop, and had his recently upgraded equipment. He figured he would answer this fellow’s call, do a good deed, and get some gold in the process. So the young man walked into the Heart’s Refuge Inn, and looked around.

Eito appeared in the town under instructions from kaito to go investigate this call, also to check up on that gravewalker folk when he could. He brought his full battle gear and a small scatchel carrying some items that he wouldn’t show off

Stevin and Eito would be met with the sight of a man at one of the tables. An elven-looking fellow clad in short, functional robes. A certain sparkle in the air around the man may tip them off to the man’s magical nature. Upon the pair’s entrance, the man would look at them instinctively, and beckon them to his table

Tahote carfully walks into the INN adjusting his shirt a bit then notices the elf and group of people and heads to them. Standing just above 7ft tall the tauren looks at the elf “Hail. Are you the one who made that poster?”

The elf takes a swig of his drink and nods

“Indeed. I assume you’re all here for the job? If so, splendid! Have a seat gentlemen, and let me lay down the details”
He would then wait for the others to sit at the table, taking intermittent sips of his drink as he did so

Stevin approached the man as well, and nodded after Tahote and the elven man had spoken. The man then sat down. The Master Sword would react a little to the elven man’s magic, glowing very lightly.

Eito remained quiet, his hood covering his face as he stood at the table and examined everyone

As the gathered were sitting down, The elf man would begin to detail their mission:
“I am Yoshwood Kelkion. I am a wandering sorcerer. I have gathered you all here today for an important mission”
The elf pulls out a map and lays it on the table
“While I have been in the area, I detected a magical anomaly, originating from somewhere…here” He points to a spot South-East of Whiteridge and pauses for dramatic effect

Tahote studies the map a bit “What kind of magical anomaly do you think it could be?”

Yoshwood would tap the side of his nose in a knowing manner
“An anomaly like the one my equipment picked up is almost certainly the result of the birth of a new sorcerer. The purpose of our little excursion will be to get this misguided font of magical destruction into the hands of someone who can teach them.”
“I am almost sure there is a small community roughly nine days journey from here in the area I picked up the anomaly.” He continues

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Tahote nods a bit. “So Find the person and bring him back to you. Is that all?”

Eito didn’t say anything as he just sat there and listened to what the people had to say

“Precisely. It’ll be your job to find the child and bring them to me. I have provided a large sum of money encase the nati- ehem, villagers are resistant. There may also be monsters along the way…but I can’t determine exactly where they are. It should be about…nine days away. I’ll sort out your return”

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