Ghostly Writing Prompt

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So in coming up with the new monsters for the Embers of Soteria Setting and what they looked like I ran across a lot of images of ghosts and the like, most of which are clearly really bad photoshop stuff. The image here is no exception, but I like the image none the less.

I’m inviting everyone to look at this image and create a paragraph or more about it, what’s going on there? Who are the ghosts? Is someone watching them go down the paved road? Is another ghost watching them? Are they really ghosts or is this a Scooby Doo scenario? Just… Go fun places with it.

Dead. Death. Loneliness. That’s all they ever knew. Who they are didn’t matter. Nor who they were. No one could see them as the wandered around their decomposing bodies than themselves. Only relatives could even sense their presence. None ever acted on it however. Hell, they couldn’t even speak to themselves. Only observe their disembodied forms. Some faded and never returned, oy to be replaced by new ones. Forever cycling. Round and round.

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