Getting to Know your XIA

Since she had been assigned to the Cabur, she had found it difficult to integrate in with the droids on the ship, the Captain had certainly put out the directive that she was to relay information between the command crew and the droids. So far, the support of the droids had been spotty at best. A lot of ideas had gone through her head about how to fix this, and she was again thinking about them as she flew through the many hallways of the Cabur. It was such a larger and densely packed vessel. She had downloaded all the technical documentation on the ship of course and was trying to gain experience using it. As an odd fact, the protocol droids had been mostly friendly to her, but the R2 and similar units had not. In fact the so-called mouse droids had completely ignored her.

For everyone’s reference. The XIA assigned to the Cabur:

Speaking of those those mischievous R2 droids, one came rolling down the hallway ahead of the Xia, on it’s way for another routine check on one of the ships systems. The droid letting out little hums as it moved down the hallway.

She was very much aware that the R2 might actually zap her if she tried this, as two had yesterday. But she tries it anyway and changes direction, adapting her language to the binary the droids used, “Do you mind if I go with you? I have a lot to learn and you and the others are very efficient at what you do.”

The droid stopped for a moment and turned to her, as if appraising her. A few seconds passed where the droid let it’s silence build up before it replied “That would be acceptable. Please do not get into the way and we will get along fine.” before getting back on track to the engine areas, already running through it’s planned tasks in it’s “brain.”

The XIA followed after the R2, but didn’t say a word… She had a plan this time, she would follow, watch, and after a task while moving to another, then she would ask questions and throw in a bit of praise, and perhaps ask if she could watch again in the future, and maybe help. She had searched the cultural database, and there was a vast record of societies where one had to prove themselves by doing menial tasks in order to be accepted, but usually there was some need, these droids didn’t need much, so she would have to get in a different way.

The R2 unit likewise didn’t say anything as they went to the engine areas of the ship, idly humming random popular songs as it reached the area scheduled for maintenance, quickly roaring through its tasks with only one minor component really needing maintenance. Before heading on a path that would take it to the ships bridge.

She took her chance now and asked a few questions about what the R2 unit had done. It wasn’t that the questions were important, well they were the droid had done thing in a quick way that was correct by the end but didn’t follow the text-book procedure, so she asked about it, starting with just one question about how it cut off power flow or some such. She hoped this dialog of her trying to learn would open something up.

The droid, in a positive mood as it was, happily answered her questions. It’s general answers, while correct also gave a giant middle finger to “text-book procedures.” The droids conversation getting more animate as it discussed this.

She is happy to continue discussing what should be done vs. what the books say, commenting that she agrees that textbook procedures can be a problem. During the conversation she makes several comparisons of what the R2 unit is saying to things she knows more about, textbook procedures of Solas Tempus vessels that get in the way. As they approach the bridge she asks the R2 unit if it minds her doing the same thing there, where she follows and learns.

The droid is quite pleased with her agreement on procedures, listening to her own comments on other vessels procedures . When they reach the bridge the droid stops again and peers at her as if thinking it over, before, with a certain curiosity to it’s voice it says that she is welcome to continue to spectate, though it also inquires as to whether her purpose here is really to learn and observe the way the droids maintain the ship or if she has an ulterior motive for following him around.

She smiles at the R2 unit and nods, “That’s a fair question.” and thinks a moment, “I do want to see how you droids do things, you’ve been maintaining this vessel for a long time now and my book knowledge is not going to get me very far. The other side of the coin is that, I was assigned here and the Captain gave me a task, I don’t want to disappoint him and that means I should get to know you and the other droids on the ship, learn from you, so I can do what he’s asked me to.” She looks at the droid, hoping that it understand where she’s coming from, “Everyone has to have a purpose, I don’t know what else I’d do but this.”

The droid seems to consider her words before giving it’s version of an affirmative, seemingly pleased with her words and her commitment to assisting the captain. “Very well, then. Lets gooo!” And with that final statement it was off, heading to the console that had needed some parts replaced.

This time when the droid was doing things, she was a bit less quiet, quietly asking some very intelligent questions about what it was doing, again with an air toward learning and not directing, making it very clear that she wanted to understand. It was a good dynamic, at least she felt that way. Then she asks, “Are you, plugged into the ships computer via radio?” it was an odd question to ask perhaps, but she wondered if the droids were all networked with the ships computer or if they had to interface directly with it being more independent.

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